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Hello everyone. I am Carole, and new to the site. I am 64 and have OA in both knees now, so struggle to get around. Some days I just ache all over. I should be having a knee replacement but due to a recent Embolism and being put on lifelong Wafarin I have to wait a while before it can be done....so its a case of struggling on! I keep busy doing a lot of Craftwork (Hence my strange user name!!) and work as a volunteer at a local Hospice one day each week. I work on their database, so no running around required, thank goodness!!
I hope I can make new friends here, and get lots of good advice from you all.


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    Hello crafty, and welcome. I have a different form of arthritis but my knees are also badly affected, it is miserable, isn't it? I hope that they can sort something out for you and sooner rather than later. There are many OAers like yourself on here, any queries about meds etc go on Living with Arthritis, the more fun stuff is on Chit-chat. I hope you join in - new voices and experiences are always welcome! I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hello Crafty and welcome, I have oa in both knees, and everywhere else.know what you mean with struggling on as I have been told that I won't be having knee replacements due to my age (58).
    Absolutely love my cross stitching, although sometimes the burning in my finger joints restrict the amount and how often I am able to do it.
    By the way I am not a newbie just that I joined a long time ago (lancashirelass) tried to login and had problems so rejoined. .......RJ
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    Hello Crafty
    And a very warm welcome from me, I am 60 and have OA in my back and hips, I am sorry you have to wait for your knee replacement, and I do hope you will get it soon.
    You will get lots of support of everyone on here, and if you need any help using the forum just ask
    Barbara x
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    Hi Carole

    good to meet you

    Sorry you are having to wait for your op, but better safe than sorry eh?

    Hope you find the forums as useful as l have.


    toni xx