is it a virus or could it be arthritis?

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Ive had joint pains for 2 months now..fingers, wrists, feet, knees sometimes a nagging ache sometims severe. Sometimes my hands get so sore for no aparent reason other times its worst after work and I go to bed for 24 hours. I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse. When it started I felt exhausted and generally unwell the nurse at GP said it was flu on phone and not to go down to surgery but I had no other flu sypmtoms (headache, fever, cough etc) just a cold the 2nd week. Ive been back to GP twice the first time said probably a virus but they checked my liver, thyroid, and blood count which were normal as they thought I may be anaemic the 2nd he said it was a virus and it could take a while to clear up. He also mentioned ME but said it was too early to tell. Im not exahusted now just sore so I dont think its ME. The last 5 days both knees are swollen and feel weak apart from that my joints look normal. I dont know if the virus can make my knees swollen or whehter to go back to doctor although it takes 2 weeks anyway to get appointment so I booked one in case it does not get better. I feel so depressed now, struggiling to do 12 hour shifts and got a warning for being off 4 days of it at the beginning and I get the impression the doctor thinks IM being a nuisance. Starting to get paranoid its not a virus. Please advise does it sound like a virus to you or should I annoy doctor again?


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    You may not get an answer until Monday as the help line is closed at weekends.

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    Dear Shona,

    I am sorry to hear of the pain you have been experiencing, the time between diagnosis can be particularly difficult and confusing. Arthritis is usually diagnosed through clinical examination, or if they suspect an inflammatory condition they will do blood tests, to read about the different types of arthritis, and the common symptoms, you may find it useful to read our Understanding arthritis booklet:

    It sounds as if you are having trouble getting the doctor to listen to you, I am wandering whether your doctor understands how much this is affecting you. Before your appointment you may like to make a list of symptoms and questions, so that in that long awaited appointment, you get the answers you are looking for. If however you are unhappy with the treatment you are receiving from your doctor you may like to ask for a second opinion or contact your local Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS):

    I hope this has helped, however I would encourage you to call us on our confidential freephone helpline for a more detailed chat.

    Best Wishes