small work related whinge needed!!!

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Hi all

I just have to get this down somewhere. I work for a large bookstore chain on Sundays. I used to so enjoy it, but of course at this time of year it is frantic with those once a year shoppers.

Today not only do I have to wear the silly red tee shirt stating Christmas helper! I am told we are short of staff and have to run the first floor department on my own. Nothing new there then!! :roll:

When I finally got some help for a couple of hours this afternoon why oh why do I get the 16 year old!!!

Now I can tolerate a bit of honest to goodness bone idle shirking BUT what I cannot fathom under any circumstance is the fact that he uses twice as much of his personal energy to AVOID actually doing the jobs that need doing??!!! I mean it is ME!!! :shock:

I give up, I mean with this strategy nobody wins! Just off in search of valium and a lay down!. Thanks for reading.



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    like to say you may have just been unlucky,but the experiance I have had of "the young" says it all,no enthusiam,no will to learn,their god given right to ignor.You have my sympothy! sorry about the grammer,and the spelling! just know what you mean. :( Mirabella.
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    Sorry Chris work was so frustrating for you today and the limited help was a hinderance. We have students on placement at school and some are great and some are not.

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    Hi Mirabella
    Yes you know where I am coming from thanks and no apologies needed on here. No work ethic some of these youngsters eh!! He such a polite young man but totally useless at actually thinking/seeing what needs doing and getting on with it. I think what got me more is his complaining about his self inflicted rugby injuries when I am struggling with me dodgy hips and running around to get things done. :cry:

    Hi Speedy
    Hope all goes well for you at work next week. You will soon get too know you new brood and love 'em. I guess we are so used to Christmas temps at the shop being enthusiastic about the books and hard workers today was a bit of shock.

    take care of yourselves.
    thanks again
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    HI Chris

    sorry only just seen this ........ what a rubbish day at work eh?

    I don't know what to suggest, other than you spoon-feed requests in single steps every time he is standing still.

    trouble is, that takes more effort on your part than doing the job yourself doesn't it :roll: :roll:

    hugs by the bucket-full for next week ((((((()))))))))