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Hi my husband had his first infusion of rituxamab last Thursday they had to stop it for a while because he was having a reaction sore throat,headache on the Friday he was not to bad although he is in severe pain.
Yesterday he has started with a sore throat he says it is quite bad i have left a message for rummy nurse but nobody has got back i dont no weather he is having a reaction or is it just a cold he is geting as i have got a cold but not a sore throat.
I dont no what to do as Rituxamab can have some seriouse side effects
he is still in really bad pain but they say it could take up to three months to work.
I wonder if any other people have been on Rituxamab and if so what have there experiences been .
He has severe RA

thanks Alison


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    Hi Alison,

    I haven't been on Rituximab but do have experience of being on anti tnfs... and that it is important when on these drugs to report any adverse reactions or symptoms of infection.(as you tried to do by leaving a message for your rheummy nurse :roll: )

    I would suggest that if you are worried at all then you should call NHS 24 for advice. They will talk through the symptoms your husband is experiencing and if necessary have him seen by a doctor.
    I've always found NHS 24 to be extremely supportive, and it would help to put your mind at rest to speak with a medical professional; especially as your hubby had a reaction to the infusion on Thursday.

    I do hope he feels better soon but personally I'd phone for advice.

    Iris xxx
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    Dear Alison,

    Thank you for your enquiry to helplines. I'm aware that concerns about side effects can be difficult. Essentially someone medically qualified needs to advise you. I wonder whether you've tried the rheumatology department again? If you get the answerphone then do leave a second message, but also you might leave a message for the rheumatologist just to make sure that someone will get back to you if you are still worried. Letting the GP know may also be an option.

    I hope this is helpful