Bad weather, arthritis and work

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I work for a local authority which has just issued a new, rather draconian, bad weather policy. Basically, anyone who doesn't make it to work, or who leaves early due to snow, etc, will be docked pay, or have to take it out of leave, with no exceptions. Our line managers used to be allowed to give us 1 day's bad weather leave a year, or permission to leave early in very bad weather.
I am particularly worried if there is a repeat of something that happened last year - I had gone to work by train, but heard that because of the worsening conditions the service would be stopped after the next train. If I was not allowed to leave, I would then face a 2 mile walk home. I have OA in my knees, hands and spine. To some of my collegues walking home would just be a bit of a nuisance, but it would almost certainly cause me a great deal of pain - cold affects me very badly, as with most of us with OA. My manager doesn't seem to feel that my disability is severe enough (I'm not registered disabled, nor do I have a visible sign of OA, such as a limp -most of the time) to warrant applying for permision to make special arrangements - and anyway, I could not do my work in any of the nearer council buildings as I would not have the computer access or equipment I need. This seems ridiculous to me - the chances are if I had to walk home I'd be in too much pain afterwards to work for at least one day, so they will loose by it anyway. My sickness record is excellent, despite my OA, so they should know that I'm not just 'trying it on'. It seems to me that this is something what will impact on those of us with disabilities far more than other people, which seems unfair. :x
Has anyone else come across this problem - or has anyone got any suggestions, please? (I have also posted this on the Helpline board in case they can advise me too.)

Naomi :)


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    Hi Naomi,

    I would be exactly the same - I am very nervous walking on ice and like you my joints are worse in cold weather. ALso I tense up when walking on ice/snow which doesn't help. Is it worth contacting the disability officer at Job centre plus - if they said you were covered by DDA then your employer would have to make reasonable adjustments - and that may well include "working from home" if the weather is too treacherous/cost of taxis etc

    Sure others will be along with more suggestions.

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    I would think you should be covered by the DDA. You don't have to be registered disabled.

    It seems like your employer is imposing conditions that make it very difficult or even impossible to do your job. Does your employer have a complaints procedure? If so, you might want to use that. Also, are you a member of a Trade Union? If so, your Union rep may be able to help.

    Don't let your employer get away with this!

    Best wishes,
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    Thanks for all your helful comments nd suggesitons. I have mentioned the problem to my manager again, and this time she said that she'll 'look into it', whatever that means!
    If nothing comes of that, I think I'll have a word with our equalities officer, who is pretty good.

    Thanks again
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    I work 22 miles from home & if I cant get in I either have to take unpaid leave or A/L so usually keep a few days for snowy days.
    Im so glad im off sick at min due to having had an operation so I dont have to either take A/L or struggle through the snow to work at min
    I do try to drive to work but the worst part is getting out of my streets as a gritter never comes down ggrrrrr
    If they wont let you go home early point out you cant walk due to arthur & will end up off sick if you have to coz it will take you days to recover & maybe they should provide you with a taxi home!
    Hope your arthurs not too bad in this weather mines worse when its cold wet & damp so not too bad at min
    Take care
    Maria x
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    I think alot of employers are getting worst about allowing time off ie. paid for these circumstances. I too am terrified of falling over etc. If i didnt have to leave the house no way would I - I dont like driving in it as i dont feel safe and I wouldnt walk in it either. My employer has got worst - they expect you to walk miles to get to work if other transport not available and if you cant get there you have to take holiday leave. It makes me really angry as i feel they have put me in an unsafe position. But if you have an accident on way to work you can sue them x:evil altho dont fancy being injured.
    Is it 2011 or 1911?
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    oneday wrote:
    I think alot of employers are getting worst about allowing time off ie. paid for these circumstances. I too am terrified of falling over etc.

    I completely agree. I hate the fact that so many employers are completely intolerant of people with literal conditions. However, a likable macho man or a beautiful bubbly blond woman screws up, it's perfectly alright. Life just isn't fair. It's especially unfair because a lot of these employers are warned ahead of time about pre-existing conditions. If they decide to hire you with thew knowledge of these conditions, then they should totally provide leeway.

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