Soul destroying

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The injections went great this morning. Even with two nurses she was good obviously cried when the jabs were given but thankfully MTX didn't sting or hurt her today. She was also given a build-a-bear called Becca's bear which has been donated by Rebecca Connells husband who sadly died of cancer this year and this is his way of remembering her and how good the local hospital was during childhood and in adult life. Inside the bear is a beating hear so that when you hug the bear you can feel the heartbeat. Such a lovely surprise.

The hard bit was up the hospital. They put the cream on both arms she had crisps while waiting for it to work. Tried twice at which point she was totally inconsoluble and screaming her lungs out. Physio turned up at this point wanting to see her but the bloods needed taking so another nurse came in and got I out her hand in the end. It was heart wrenching seeing her get like this worst it's been in months. They've given me the cream to put on before we go and they want it on the hands :( Physio ended up being cancelled today so we're seeing her on Wednesday instead.

We're sat in beefeater eating a rather late lunch now but she's happy and teddy has helped her eat her burger lol I'm still upset and anxious but so relieved she's happier than an hour ago.

We put the boys in breakfast club this morning so there wasn't any rushing around for the bloods and it was so good. We have decided the boys will go every Friday to breakfast club now as it means they won't be around when the injections are given or enbrel is being made up as has to sit for 10 minutes before being given so best they are out the way.