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What is it with the US we just get over Bush and Obama is only two years into his term and he is already under attack when most of what he has been doing is sort out the mess left behind that Texan f witt, and to make thing worse up pop Sahra Palin!, jesus is it me but when you see her it's like the lights are on but the building is a lunatic asylum, she's got that manic grin people get when they have been handling guns for to long, really worrying and like most yanks she hasn't got a clue about the world and exactly where it is in regard to the US, to her the world is flat and was made 10,000 years ago and evolution doesn't exist, dam right it doesn't it's passed her by totally.


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    Sarah Palin's children are called Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow, and Trig. Says it all, doesn't it :?: She is very ambitious, and her popularity is growing in the States. Heaven help us if she is ever elected President :!: :shock:
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    It's a bit worrying when she gets north and south korea mixed up!! :shock: :shock: