Another op date

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Hiya to everyone, (hope this weather not affecting you to much)

Well where do i the beginning.. I let you all no that my op date had been changed from the 19th to the 24th of november which wasnt really to bad just a few days didnt really make a difference......Well had my appointment with lynda my physio (who is fab) on the 23rd nov day before my op she was great explained what would be happening over the next 10 years (seems a million miles away), she got me to do different things which i must say hurt but hey its a trial have to try it, anyway enough about that, thought everything was going really well untill 2:20pm when i got the dreaded phone call to tell me that my op had to be cancelled because the kit that they needed to transport the cartledge cells hadnt came from belgium so they were now booking me in for the 8th december, to say i was upset was an understatement & couldt b.lev that i didnt shout at the secretary but in hind signt it wasnt her fault, so here i am again waiting until the 8th of december, im now at the point where i will b.lev the op will go ahead when i am lying on that operating table, ive calmed down abit now, but dont think i can take having this operation been cancelled agin :!: :(


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    I am so sorry. There is nothing worse then building yourself up for something to happen and then to be let down at the last min. Mind you better to have everything they need for a successful operation. Fingers, toes etc crossed for the operation to go ahead on the 8th dec.
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    Oh Jo-ann

    you poor poor thing :(

    You must be totally despondant about it all :(

    I am so so sorry - hope you had a little drinkie to cheer yourself up?


    Toni xx
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    Hi Jo-Ann
    I am so sorry that they have postponed your op again, fingers crossed for you that it wont happen again.
    I do hope that everything goes well when it dose go ahead, It will be of help to so many people.
    Good Luck with everything
    Barbara xx
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    oh no jo ann

    I bet you are upset. So sorry you have to wait a little longer.

    It is not only annoying cause you will have prepared everything but it messes with your emotions too,

    Will keep my fingers crossed for you that you have it done on 8th

    take care
    juliepf x