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Hello to all the gang, I have some good news, I have moved back in with my wife and things on that front are progressing very slowly, I don't want to mess anything up. So I might have a good Xmas after all. I was due to have a Gastro/something, well I was Ill at the hospital and was checked over and sent home without anything done. Also still waiting to hear about MTX have rang up a few times to no avail, get angry on the phone Monday. My wife is taking better care of me that I was myself. Let myself go abit. Still having strange episodes of Illness where my body is covered in sweat and am in very bad pain in various places, neck back hands legs. All this to tell my GP this week.

Would like to take this time to wish everyone a happy Xmas and a better Painless new year

A big thanks to all the People Who make this site Brilliant


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    Hi Handsy

    nice to hear some good news.

    Wishing you luck with the doc next week too.

    Juliepf x
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    Hi John :D:D

    how great to hear from you. :!:

    I'm really glad for you that you and your wife are back together and hope that it works out for you both. :mrgreen:

    what's this about letting yourself go a bit :shock: tut tut! :wink:
    sometimes we do need the care of others when we're fighting just to cope with arther... and you've had more than your fair share of ups and downs with your health....so enjoy a bit of pampering and being 'looked after'. :D

    hope that the docs get to the bottom of these new symptoms and that you can get some respite from all the pain and discomfort and worry you've had. :roll:

    A very Merry Xmas to you too John :!: ... you might be the first on the forum to send Xmas wishes.

    take care and keep us posted!
    Xmas ((((hugs))))

    Iris xxx
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    Well handsy, that's a curate's egg of a post! It's good to hear that you are back together with your spouse, so yes, be careful on that front it, would be a shame if things went wrong again and I hope she is being equally careful - it does take two to make a marriage work. On the health front, well it's a bit of a mixed bag, yes? I too am regularly sopping from head to toe and racked with pain, but the latter is the arthritis and the former side effects from steroids and morphine pain dullers, so I don't regard either as illness, just the usual! Though dripping, I don't have a temperature - now that would indicate an infection. Are you on any meds that could cause a similar reaction? I know you had to stop a few things recently - could it also be withdrawal from those drugs? I don't know, I am not a doc, but having spent the past five years melting with sweat due to the menopause and now the drugs, it does make me wonder.

    Now how about this? Don't get angry on Monday, that will only put people's backs up, perhaps brand you as troublemaker/unpleasant patient and thus possibly delay things further: I have found over the years that a little charm goes a very long way - perhaps express your disappointment that no-one has contacted you, say you appreciate they are very busy and that you are so sorry to trouble them again, but you would like to know the situation as regards the meth as you are hoping to start it very soon. I sincerely hope they can sort something out for you, and that it does help.

    Good luck with everything over the next few weeks. DD
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    Good morning John :D

    Good to hear from you and your upbeat news. I so hope it all works out for you. I also wish you all the best with your forthcoming appointment and that your gp listens and takes it all on board.

    Do let us know how you go on,

    Elna x
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    Hello John
    I am so happy for you, and I really hope that things worked out for you both, and that you have a very Happy Christmas.
    Barbara xx