Arthritis problem in old age.

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My mother facing arthritis problem since last 20 yrs very much her knee joints are came in form in zig-zag way, she is unable to take on load on her own leg. Now-a-days facing BP problem, which again troubling. Is it curable? Please give me some advise.


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    hi what type of arthritis ? has she seen rhumy? but yes she can get help but you do need to let gp know how bad things have gotten no good her going and saying she ok as we all do to start with make a pain diary when how bad stiffness is she feeling exhausted does it stop her sleeping these all points they will need to know good luck but keep going back till she gets the help she needs val
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    Hello loopslike :D

    As Val said... your mum needs to see her doctor or specialist to be re-assessed, so that her pain and other medications are reviewed.
    Perhaps knee surgery might also be an option? but that depends on how far the arthritis has progressed and what treatment your mum and the specialists think is best.
    The doctor will also give advice on the BP and what treatment there is to stabilise it.

    The first thing to do is contact your doctor and talk to him about how bad things are.

    I hope that your mum gets the support and treatment she needs.

    Iris xxx
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    Hi loopslike, I can't really add much to the others' answers. Talk to the doctor about medication for BP - the arthritis may well prevent her lowering it via exercise etc. Treatment for the arthritis is dependant upon which type it is, again her doctor is the best placed to advise. I wish her well. DD
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