Oh dear - we lost.

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I am awaiting the arrival of a small, glum man, who is currently driving home from Narrrch (as they say up here) in a depressed state. He went to the local derby game and ITFC lost, a crashing 4-1 defeat. I will do my very best not to say 'It's only a game' and/or 'The best team won.' but it will be struggle because it is and they did. Ho-hum. DD


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    Oh , dear , DD , really sympathise my other half is a charlton athletic supporter and tends to suffer despair most weeks when they play . I learnt about 40 years ago that it's far more than just a game - it's real life ! Tea , crumpets and loving thoughts tend to help ! ! Jilly
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    it is not only a game it a matter of life and death you should know that by now and a derby of all things he can not go to work tomorrow if his team lost the shame of it all :(:(:(
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    Stuffed......................good and proper.......

    Rob x
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    Oh Rob, stuffed they were, and played like a bunch of turkeys to boot.

    valval: I think he suspected something of the sort might happen as he is working at home tomorrow. He is adding salt to the wound, however, by studying the tables on ceefax or whatever the red-button equivalent is (while I am trying to watch the tennis - marital discord is beckoning!)

    jilly - he's hit the beer. Me too - 'cept in my case it's white wine - I did the beer earlier! DD
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    Try living herfte DD iam a lifelong supporter of Manchester United.The current Mrs TonesP is a lifelong supporter of Liverpool Our house makes North and South Korea look like a playground pushing match :roll: :roll: :roll: