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Pls can any one help me ...my mum age 73 was told from a blood test she had this ...she is on prednisolone 6x 5mg but she dont seem to be getting any better ...it so sad to see ...she is huge from the steriods and can hardly do anything ...does anyone have any advice help for me

many thanks
Jan x


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    Hi Jan, sorry that you had to find us for your mum. Has she been seen by a rheumatologist? 30mg daily Prednisolone is a surprisingly large starting dose for Polymyalgia Rheumatica.

    The starting dose tends to be around 15 - 20mg. I would suggest she sees her doctor or rheumatologist again if she is getting no relief on the higher dose.

    If I can help or answer any questions, please post them or send me a private message..........I'm happy to help if I can.

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    How long has she been on the steroids? That does sound like a large, continual daily dose and the weight gain isn't usually instantaneous. I think I have read on here that some with this also take anti inflammatories such as naproxen or diclofenac - that is something to talk to her doctor about, as is a referral to a rheumatologist. I wish her well. DD
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    Your poor Mum

    (sorry I forgot to welcome you to the forums) :oops:

    I think you should go with her to the next apointment and see if there is anything else which might help. As DD says maybe an anti-inflamatory - but only the doc can say whether she is ok to take them not us.

    Good luck


    Toni xx
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    My mother has polymyalgia rhumatica and she is 73 now. She has had it for just over 12mths. She started off on 8 x 5mg of prednisolone a day and is now down to 1 x 5mg. Her GP sent her to see a Haematologist who advised the GP of the dosage. She hopes to be off them by February next year. She also has regular blood tests at her doctors to see how this disease is reacting to the steriods.

    Hope your mother gets better soon, I know what its like to see them in such pain etc. If I can help at all then don't hesitate to either message me or post in the forum.

    Best wishes Anne xx
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    Hi Jan,

    A welcome from me as well but sadly I can't really help except to agree a total meds receive might be helpful.

    They need to try harder actually! Its not something i have and I also can't take preds too well but I wonder if you can get her to talk to either her rumo or the gp cus she should have better help than this. Fingers crossed she will tart to feel better soon. nice to meet you Cris x