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Hi everyone, Im sorry ive not been about much lately. To be honest ive been very down about a few things.
Firstly pain clinic was a let down & i was told there was nothing more they could do for me, End of the road were his words :( Not nice when im only 43 Then i bawled all the way home. he didnt let me get a word in & basically gave me a lecture about Fibro,then smoking. Told me everything i already knew appart from i was suffering from severe Tendonitus,He wasnt impressed that my gp had dx plantar Fascitiis in my feet & told me Diclofenacs were magic for Fibro/Tenodonitus. Im now trying to get them down me & hope my stomach doesnt start reacting to them again.He didnt even examine me, i just sat there listening to him & at 1 point turned to talk to my OH about smoking & i sat there wondering if i was even in the room :x
I had a list of problems & things i wanted to ask about.
He said he would see me again in 3 months & if my hand was still bad he would refer me to Ortho's for xrays & perhaps options of surgery.cant see why he wouldnt refer me then & there but i was so fed up i just wanted to get out of there & get home.
Next,I finally gave in & asked my OT to refer me to hospital for a wheelchair & she has just done that for me.Ive spent weeks thinking about that & digesting the fact that i now need it for holidays,shopping trips & flare ups.The last time i went to a shopping centre & walked to far it took me nearly 3 weeks for the swelling to go down in my feet & ankles.

She popped round on her way home on thursday to do measurements for it & whilst she was here the housing officer turned up to see me about the major adaption (Downstairs loo) That Ot has applied for. They talked about why i needed it & i then explained why the front of house was the only place it could be built, the side of the house isnt an option as were end of terrace & he said it cant be built on to as its a gable end.. he is sending a surveyor out to see if it can be built.If not then i can have a stairlift fitted & they will fund it.May have to be differed til Aprils budget but he said he wasnt worried about funding just whether the loo could be sited & hoping we havent got to go down the planning route.The stairlift isnt going to help with the fact that i need a loo thats available to me at all times as i suffer with IBS & need it very urgently many times a day sometimes when its flaring up.
So as you can see ive had a lot going on. My mum isnt well & dad is having to manage all the shopping & housework.Dad is only just getting over a 2nd UTI & is weak fror it all.He has been having scans as they think its his prostrate, My offers of help have been rejected as there very proud & stubborn leaving me feeling a bit useless.
So ive got alot going on here & im very fed up.
Keep warm everyone. debs


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    ((((hugs)))) even though i know all this .

    just sending them anyway and hope you feeling a bit better soon.

    chin up your half way there :D And if i get my wheelchair we will have to have a race :lol: though i have heard you have to be able to self propel? and i cant :(

    Pain clinic was a dissappointment for you but 3 months will fly and he may be more helpful. Fingerz crossed! Couldnt you ask the GP what you wanted to ask?

    Take care

    Rose x
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    Hi rose, I know im boring you with the same stuff you already know.
    I asked my GP for the things i wanted to ask pain clinic.
    GP just said ask them :roll: Just get pushed backwards & forwards & no-one seems bothered.
    As long as meds are helping thats all there bothered about.
    Its just the thought of more decades of pain & limited mobility. things getting worse for me thats got me at the minute.
    I will bounce back,i always do, just taking me a bit longer this time.
    thanks for the hugs debs
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    Hi Debs, sorry that you didn't have a good experience at the Pain Clinic, they really should be more understanding, after all they know if we get to the point of being refered to them we've pretty much exhausted all the other pain options..

    Hope your next visit goes better, you may see someone else, or he may be in a more understanding mood..

    Tony :mrgreen:
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    Oh dear Debs

    To say you are down about a few things is a bit of an understatement there lovey! No wonder. I am so sorry to see all this coming your way and you feeling at the end of your tether with it all. Do hope you get the chance to ask some of those questions soon and that you can see a way forward with a bit of relief from all these worries and pain.
    In the meantime just be careful of Lynn and the oily rag saga, I do remember it. :lol:
    Post when you can and know I am hoping for better days for you.
    love and hugs ((((( )))))
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    Would you like me to arrange a hunky bloke to come round, and give you a regular rub down with an oily rag? Hey, it might not help the pain, but it sure would take your mind off things for a while

    Yes please Lynn :D:D
    weve got alsorts of issues with building on the side. Driveway & access plus the door to loo would be in the living room.

    Tony, I dont think any of them truely understand until it gets them & they get told its end of the road, he could have just been a bit nicer about it. there are other option to make things more comfortable for me, I.e let someone look at my poor feet & better splints. I have a list & im taking it with me next time & tell him what i want. See if he can get a word in cause im fed up of being fobbed off.

    Chris, have you had the oily rag treatment then? lucky you :wink: Im thinking the nearest im going to get is OH spraying me down with WD40 :shock: :lol:

    Thanks for all your kind words.
    I will bounce back, debs
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    Hi Debs,
    I had a similar experience with a doctor at pain clinic what a waste of time!
    All he said was keep increasing your pain patches & that was it!
    He was more bothered abt getting a new cycling helmet!
    My Rheumy eventually sorted out my meds & got me off the pain patches
    So I dont have any faith in pain clinics either!
    Keep your self warm & safe this weather
    Maria x
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    hi Debs, I had a bad experience at a pain clinic too. Doctor said he was going to inject my neck as had got arthritis in it. I was horrified as was told by another consultant I didn't have it in my neck. Asked him if he'd looked at the xrays and he admitted he hadn't. I walked out. Some of these doctors are really prejudiced and think they know what is wrong without even examining you. Very bad practice and you are right to be upset and angry.
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    Oh Debs I do feel for you my love, my pain clinic started off brilliant, but on my third visit they didn't want to know, so they just discharged me under my GP...there parting words where ask your GP for morphine patches...no thank you.
    Anyway do you feel up to asking for another appointment, and telling them you have lots of questions , and are not happy.
    I think when you are in so much pain you feel very vulnerable, and are soon fob off.
    I do hope you get some relief very soon, and good luck with adaptions in your house.
    Sending you loads of very warming hugs (((((((())))))
    Barbara xx
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    Oh DEBS :(

    My poor little Sis :(

    I know I already know this, but it still upsets me to see you so upset.

    Well done for taking positive action re your mobility and getting the house more user friendly for YOU :) That was a brave step to take. You wont need the wheelchair all the time and on the good days get on as you do.

    As for the clinic - I am still hoping that the attitude is quite diferent next time you go - it might be - that does happen doesn't it? What he said wasn't helpful though and I understand why you feel so scared.

    You take care


    toni xx
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    Hi & Thank you for all you replies.

    Barbabra, Im back in 3 months re my hand, im debating asking to see someone else.
    best of all is, my rhymy refered me to see them & to a pacific DR for injections into neck.
    Ive never seen this dr & the injections have never been mentioned. Something else i need to bring up.

    Toni,Ive gotta get me bounce back & then i'll be fine.
    Yep me new wheels will just be for bad days when i do need to get out & holidays WHHOOOPPPIIIEEE :lol:

    Does anyone think me writing a letter to them might help?

    Keep warm & safe everyone.
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    Debs, I've just caught up with this, did one post which disappeared into space..............so sorry about all this, but good on you for thinking positively about your 'wheels'.

    Perhaps your bounce will come back with a little rest and sleep if you possibly can?

    This weather has dampened down my bounce a bit.

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    Hi Annie, Thanks luv, i think i saw my bounce go down the road a few weeks back & its not come home yet.
    Im now planning a bag for my wheels & a way to customise it.
    OH wants wing mirrors, indicators & a chrome exhaust :shock: :lol: Think he's on the wrong track there :lol::lol:
    I just want a comfy cushion for me bum & somewhere to stick me crutches (No rude replies needed :wink::lol: )
    luv debs
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    Hi Debs,

    Glad you have a plan and maybe writing would help?

    I so wish they would help more. I know its not standardised but mine bends over backwards to help with the supportive treatments and well I don't see why the others cant.

    I know its hard to be written off but you will find your bounce again flower. Its what we have to do juts now and the its very hard to do it.

    Finger crossed you get a good night cus that would help eh?

    He said do you want hi to help customise your wheels..... he doesn't do that for everyone... normally only me which is just as well one way and another :wink: leaving you a ((((( ))))) and so much hope the plan will work. Love Cris xx
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    ASK about the neck jabs Debs :shock:

    write it down and take it with you...you coiuld write the list and send it before so they are ready for you if you want to.

    Pimp that chair! What about and ashtay :lol::lol: naughty Toni xxx

    PS what colour is your bounce? I might have seen it in Cannock :shock:
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    Hi Toni, My bounce is orange & black & answers to Tigger :wink::lol: Please return him if you see him.

    Ashtray ERRMM not thought of that but i have thought seatbelt as OH is going to think he's sterlin moss pushing me :shock:

    I will ask about the jabs as no-one apart from my rhymy who did my knees & thumb has even mentioned it :roll: Useless the lot of them.
    Keep warm sis.
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    Take some time out and just be kind to yourself: it is a big deal and it does take a while to come to terms with it all. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi debs :D

    just catching up with your thread..... you've had a lot to deal with and how insensitive that pain clinic doc was. :shock: It's hard enough to live with chronic pain and expecting advice & support from the professionals is not a big 'ask'. may be writing to him would be a good idea... at least he can't ignore it. :roll:

    Good for you that you now have a plan for your own wheels :wink: ......wishing you lots of strength and I hope you get your bounce back soon.

    iris xxx
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    Thanks DD,Im trying to rest up & not think too much about it.
    I will write it all down & include how i feel about it all.
    Im not being wrote off at 43 :x

    Cris, I would love him to come help customise my wheels.
    I will give him a nod when i get them ok.
    OH Hang on a min, He will be thinking mud & paw prints :? :lol::lol::lol:
    Take care evryone til the weather improves.

    Hi Iris, you just sneaked in there as i was posting.
    Thank you for your replie, not easy all this is it.
    I have enough conditions to keep on top off.
    If you see my bounce up there can you send him home, thanks.
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    Hi Minky, sorry life is so tough at the mo.

    You have got stomach protector tablets to go with the diclo?

    Sounds like you have a good OT there on your side.

    The wheelchair should make a real difference and make trips out a lot more enjoyable as you won't have to struggle. Don't see it as a defeat but as a tool to assist you.

    Sorry about your parents struggling too.

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    Hi Debs,
    So sorry I missed your post. :(
    That was an awful appointment for you. Then to be told that there is nothing else that can be done!!
    A similar thing happened to me years ago with an unrelated Arthur problem. I like you was devastated. So attitudes do not seemed to have changed.
    I am so upset for you Debs, I do hope your mum and dad improve soon. Such a worry for you.
    Well done for getting things moving with OT fingers crossed you do not have to wait until April before the building work gets sorted.
    Lv, Ix
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    Hi Speedy & Ix, thanks for your replies.
    I havent got a stomach protector thats why i have to keep stopping the Diclo's but as soon as i can get out ( snow here) & see gp i will ask again. I have in the past but got fobbed off with that as well. Who do these gps etc think they are :x

    Good news, Got a phone call today & me wheels are being delivered tomorrow afternoon :shock: its only took 7 days from filling the forms out to being delivered :D Now thats quick. :D
    Im not sure where its coming from as OH took the call (I was asleep, what a surprise :lol: ) & OT had said i would have to go Hossie for it.
    Do i have to think about pimping them wheels :wink::lol:
    Take care all.
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    Hi Lynn, weve just had a right laugh at that :lol:
    i like the silver, glittered one too. But the 35mph one is more like it :wink::lol:
    thanks for the laugh, ive just started a new thread.
    hope youve not got too much snow, its chucking it down here again :roll:
    luv debs
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    Hi Debs, you should ask about lanzoprasole, they're a pretty good stomach one, my GP insisted on me being on them for the diclo's and tramadols...

    Hope things are ok for you today?

    Tony :D
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    Hello Debs

    Just come into your thread and wanted to say I am sorry things are so difficult for you at the moment and that I am thinking of you.

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Lynn I love those wheelchairs but from there we went to first double flip on a wheelchair-amazing! After many attempts of under rotating and over rotating he got it just right. My son and I were cheering along to this!

    Sorry to read your post Minky. It seems you have many problems to deal with at this point of time. You must feel overwhelmed.