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i am new to the Forum
Pain in my hands, thumbs really, has just started to affect me every day, especially in this cold weather.
Trouble with opening cans so got electric opener, etc. However, heard that there are special fingerless gloves. Have found them on internet from one company £25, Has anyone any experience of them? Do you know of an English Company only found American.
Also - My GP seems to be unaware of any effective pain relief can you help?


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    I don't know what sort of gloves you are after, but there is a chain of electrical stores (that starts with the syllable map) who sell heated gloves: how they work I don't know, and I think they were at about half of the price you mentioned - I've put their leaflet in the recycling so I can't check it! If it is a matter of keeping your hands warm then I would have thought that any sort of glove would do, it's the insulation that is important. I hope you find some that help you. DD
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    I brought these gloves on ebay they are tight and go some way up your fingers with just the tops showing they do help but forgotten what they are called they are not heated but do work mine are flesh colour, I am waiting for my hands swelling to go down after op to be able to wear them again
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    Thanks for responses.
    These are specific gloves for arthritis. Have particular component that cuts down pain - so the advert says - found them by putting in "gloves for arthriti" on google.
    I wear Ski gloves in this weather, but impossible to do any work with them on! So the fingerless gloves are ideal. But wanted to see if any one new of them or tried them and if they were cheaper than £25?
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    I found fingerless gloves with matching scarf ( scarf has pockets to put hands in like old fashioned muff ! ) from my door to door make up delivery person . Suggest you check them on line , very reasonable and warm . Jilly
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    Hi I use these neoprene gloves and they help me considerably, they are good for artha, carpel tunnell and rahynards
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    Hi Gilly

    It is good to meet you.

    Your Gp can prescribe pain releif for you. There are two thing which might help - one is a painkiller like paracetamol and the other is an anti-inflamatory like ibuprofen. They can be suprisingly effective if you take them regularly.

    If you have tried these and they are not your GP can prescribe stronger versions. I have a pain patch now and take arcoxia (anti-inflam)

    If he does and you have to pay for your prescriptions have you thought about getting a precription prepayment card? Just a thought as they are expensive.


    toni xx
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    Hi Gilly,

    I have OA in base of thumb / wrist , Raynauds and hands do hurt a lot! ( that is an understatement!!) As well as other arthur inflicting pain problems.
    If you go drs ask to be referred to Occupational Therapist they will make you some splints to protect your joints, and ask for some isotoner theraputic fingerless gloves. They are comfortable,supportive and flesh coloured. They are very good. They should cost £25 but you should be given some if you ask nicely :D

    Hope this helps, keep those hands warm :D

    Rose x
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    Hi again , Gilly , suggest you simply key in the words - arthritis gloves - on ebay and see what turns up ! Hope you find something to help . Jilly
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    Hi Gilly

    I am like Rose - I get my 'isotoner gloves' from the Occupational Therapy Dept at the hospital where I go for my rheuamtology appointments. I wear them all the time at the moment ('best' pair during the day, 'dog chewed' pair during the night).. they are lovely and soothing and help keep the swelling down.

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    What are isotoner gloves?
    How do these differ to neoprene?
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    Mine are dark grey fingerless ones and they are stretchy and tight - my husband bought them for me online and they are just called Arthritis Gloves.

    I'm waiting for my OT to get me some new splints that avoid my knuckles where the RA has made itself at home - so the gloves have been really helpful recently. I wear them under fingerless mits that i can pull the top up on when it's especially cold. They seem to help if its cold by supporting the swollen fingers and knuckles but I have recently had two episodes where my fingers have gone bright white so I think Raynaud's may be kicking in to join the RA now and like the other person my dog got the gloves and chewed a hole in them - also often very hard to get on and off with RA fingers and wrists!

    You might find hot paraffin wax baths help with the pain tooMat x
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    My OT gave me isotoner gloves and they definitely help when joints are swollen. She explained that swollen joints are more likely to deform, so by using the compression isotoner gloves it helps to protect the joints in the long term. On a personal note it also seems to let folks know when I'm struggling with my RA and they offer to help with things without me asking. I've tried a variety of cheaper "arthritis" gloves from the internet but none of them seem as effective-tight rather than supportive.

    An OT who specialises in RA can give you a range of gloves and splints to support specific parts of your hands/wrists-and they don't charge for them-it's worth asking for a referral.
    Deb x
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    I get isontoner gloves on amazon,my last pair only cost 17.99.Mig