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I am more of a winter person I hate being hot it makes me feel ill, but the winter also brings with it aches and pains in our cold bones and joints lol so I snuggle up and watch tv and if I fall asleep so be it it just means my body needed it , dont fight it its just not worth it your body knows what it needs so go with it if any of my joints are really playing me up the hot water bottle or microwave heated pads comes out and I try to relax switch off and now my kids are much older the youngest is 15 they know I occasionally need extra rest /sleep jsut do what your bodys telling you to do


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    Wise words, lavenderlady. I hope all is as well with you as it can be. DD
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    You are so right...my Grandma was 98 when she died way back in the 60s , in those days it wasn't the done thing to go to bed in the afternoon, she swore by having a afternoon nap, even though she brought up her family, she never missed.
    Barbara x
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    Morning lavenderlady

    Just read what you said and at the moment I am whacked, just been shredding and tidying up the mess that it brings.

    just popping on forum for a few mins to catch up then I too will be retiring to sofa.

    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    oh so true, I, well, we, have to have a nap, that being me, OH in other room, as I snore like a buffalo, plus the three cats. They all know when it is nap time and are sat waiting.
    Arthur is so draining, as is fybro, not to mention all the pills that we swallow each day (47 and counting). No wonder we need to rest.
    I am tired now - could have a wee nap..........We try and push on sometimes, but, we have to step back and rest more, people don't understand, only those with the same problems.