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Thought it was about time I joined a forum to see if I could get any insight into my condition.
About 10 years ago I started getting problems with my neck. The pain in the neck has persisted since then on and off.
My hands are a recent problem and started getting nodules on my little fingers about 2 years ago, but at night they are now begining to lock and sometimes require my other hand to unlock them!
My doctor does not really know what is going on and has put me on pain killers of co-codamal for the past ten years.
I was recently put on tramadol, but all that did was make me feel very ill. He then decided to put me on patches instead and I ended up so ill I thought I was going to die...

What can I do to help my hands?
Is there anything you all would recomend as my doctor seems to only want to prescribe pain killers and especially my hands are getting worse. Which is not good as I like painting and making models, but the way things are going withing ten years I may not be able to...

I am only 45 years old.

Paul... :(


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    Hi magus, I am sorry you had to find us but welcome to the forums! I cannot help too much on the hand front but it does sound like an arthritic condition of some sort to me, but I am not a doctor. The helpline people here may be able to shed a little more light on matters but I know they are not docs either: they do, however, have a range of leaflets with help, advice and info so it may well be worthwhile contacting them - the number is at the top of the screen, and chatting to someone.

    It does seem odd that in the 21st century there are still conditions for which docs can do very little. Osteoarthritis is treated with pain dullers and anti-inflammatories, but obviously I cannot say if you have OA or not. The drug treatments for RA and other immune-system-based problems are more complicated, as is the diganosis of some forms of arthritis. It is a difficult area and your doc does not sound particularly helpful, from what you have said. Ring the helpline, see what they can advise. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi, Dream daisy,

    Thank you for your reply and yes, I will ring them.
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    Some people find great benefit from a hot wax treatment - I know nothing about these things but if you post on LWA (living with arthritis) I am sure they will pop up with some info - that is the forum for enquiries about treatments, drugs, tests etc, more people tend to look at that forum so it's more likely that someone will be able to help. I wish you well. DD
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    Hello Paul and welcome to the forum.

    It does sound to me as if your GP is not very helpful and, if you have some kind of inflammatory condition, painkillers alone may not be enough. I thought DD's suggestion of contacting the helpline was a good one and I also wonder if you should ask your GP for blood tests (to check inflammation levels) and perhaps for a referral to a rheumatologist for further investigations.

    Tilly x
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    Welcome to the forum Paul, hope you manage to get some answers on here..

    Tony :mrgreen:

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