Chickens Nil, Fox Six.

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My neighbours lost all of their chickens early this morning, to our local urban fox. He has been hanging around for a while, learning the lie of the land. My neighbours were aware of this and strengthened things as best they could. It appears that he was able to writhe his way into the hens' compound, where he sat waiting for their door to open - it had a gizmo attached to it which meant it opens at dawn and the birds could wander out as they chose. Today, instead, the fox wandered in. He just killed them, he didn't take any for food, he killed for fun. I guess that's what they do. Ho hum. DD


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    Hi DD
    how are you i hope your pain is not to bad in this cold weather.
    i'm feel so sorry for your neighbours and the chickens.
    we've seen a fox in our garden in the evenings
    they look nice but thats it.
    keep warm and take care.
    joan xx
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    Hi DD

    Your poor poor neighbour :(

    I hope maybe Tinkerbelle is right and they would have come back to eat them...that is in a strange way at least reassuring.

    I hope they have a couple of drinks tonight and they are ok.


    toni xx
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    As much as I dislike agreeing with a woman.....

    Tinkerbelle is right......

    Its not wanton killing.........

    He kills all he can.....

    And if everything is left alone, he will return and take them and eat at his leisure.......

    The only wanton killer on this earth is us..........

    And the trouble with foxes...........they don't taste like chicken......

    More like a cross between rancid polecat and eagle......

    Rob x

  • dreamdaisy
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    Well more fool him for leaving his 'victims', thinking he will feast later. They're gone. I hope hunger gnaws at his belly. DD
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    What a horrible find for your neighbours.

    Hope they are ok.

    juliepf x
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    Don't blame poor old Mr fox he's just doing what foxes do and as someone posted on here correctly the reason they will kill them all is they will come back for the others in due time, in the countryside they dig a hole to put fresh kill in, again for later the never pass an opertunity up this works well for them, it's an inditment of our countryside when most foxes live in towns these days, and always remember if you have them around a lot they aern't a pet and will do whatever they need to survive, they aern't mailicious animal just crafty and inteligent, that's how they manage to hang on in there despite what man has tred to do with them over the years.
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    delboy wrote:
    Quite partial to squirells too.

    They just after their nuts thiugh......

    Rob x