Fibromyalgia + RA + OA + hearing impairment.

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Just added Fibromyalgia to my portfolio of illnesses. Anyone else grappling with this one?

I was a bit surprised when it was mentioned but having looked up the symptoms it has explained much, particularly the fatigue, gut problems and the constantly aching and sore joints. Not to mention the fact the auto immune elements of my disability started with an ME type condition a decade ago.

Not really depressed about it - I have had the pain for years now having a label to explain it is quite a positive thing. At the moment any extra thing is more evidence to support getting ill health retirement from my idiot employer. I am still waiting to hear whether we can go for a tribunal.

I have spent the last 3 months doing virtually nothing and jet I am still exhausted - very odd.

I am also still in constant pain which is getting very wearing. I don't seem to have had a pain free day for months.

I have been watching the stuff on disability on the TV news. 50 percent plus of working age disabled people unemployed. I don't think that will change until they stop employers hounding us into giving up. I wanted to shout at the TV.

Anyone else dealing with this?




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    Hi Masaka

    Sorry about that :(

    Although I have not got that one on MY list I am sympathetic as my ex MIL has it and I know how she is at times.

    However there are loads on here with it. Sure they will fill you in soon

    As you say - you had it anyway so really nothing has changed other than you have an explanation for it.

    Take care


    Toni xx
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    Hi Masaka,

    Sorry to hear you have an evergrowing portfolio , this is the club to be in!
    I have OA, fibro and other bits! sounds pretty familiar to me, like waking with flu everyday without the runny nose, sore stiff aching joints tired headachy , can hardly walk, irritable bowel.... the list goes on . what is a pain free day dont think any one here gets them so i know exactly what your going through apart from the miserable employer bit.

    Take Care

    Rose x
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    Hi Masaka, nice to meet you and welcome to the forum, I don't think we have met.
    Well, you are in the right place, for help, support, someone to shout at, including the tv.
    I have fybro, OA in various parts here there and everywhere, heart disease and so it goes on. There are many of us on the forum who can sympathise with your condition and how it affects your life.
    Getting the pain under control is a major thing, not an easy task and a bit of a game of suck it and see with one drug or another. Fybro, or chronic pain syndrome as my rheummy called it, can be depressing, difficult to explain to a partner or even the Drs at times, I often keep my mouth shut and just potter about, if only for my own sanity.
    It does drain you, it leaves you irritated with yourself, depressed at times, angry, sad, unable to bear noise, light, conversation even.
    I see no reason at all why you cannot go forward with ill health retirement, this is a recognisable condition, that has a major affect on a person's daily life. Your GP and Consultant should fully support you in your application for retirement.
    With supportive wishes that your employers see sense and you don't have to go to tribunal. Keep us informed and join us in the cafe for a natter. Take lots of care, XX Bubbles