Could swimming be making my OA worse ?

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Hello everyone

I went for a short swim today-couple of easy backstrokes followed by a couple of easy breast strokes-I usually avoid the latter but was enjoying the water so much that I took the risk.Three hours later while at the supermarket the pain in my shins,groin and lower back was excruciating.

Does anyone have any advice please-it seems that the water and the exercise AT THE TIME is beneficial but that I suffer for it later

Thanks so much



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    Hi Pat, I'm exactly the same when I swim or wall too far, it's a but painful while I'm doing it but boy do I pay later.
    I have osteo A in my spine and knees..
    Payback is bloody horrible eh? God forbid we should enjoy ourselves... :x

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    Some people say just walking in the water is enough.....if you are suffering, but I wonder - do you usually swim?

    If so I would have thought you'd be ok....

    Sometimes I just float in the water and do a kind of backstroke withiout lifting my arms (like flippers they are!)

    If it goes on I would check it out with the doc though.


    toni xx
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    hello i have OA i have never been in the pool since i had OA but i know if i did i would suffer like anything even walking is painful.
    as is cold weather, when i suffering as i am today the best thing to do is nothing feet up and rest, its takes me days to get over it, as the saying goes been there done that dont want to suffer.

    at the end of the day you got to listen to your body and do what its telling you with in reason
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    I am so pleased someone has brought the subject of swimming up.I have OA,although I won't accept it,but its in all my joints so I'm told.I have had 2 hip replacements in less than a year,with 2 girdle stone procedures and other complications.I am now going through intensive physio and doing well as I have not walked for 2 years and a year was spent on a special electric controlled bed.I managed 2.4 miles yesterday on an excersise bike and it felt good.Today can hardly move :!: I asked about swimming as it is a no presure type of physio,and was told yes when I could get in and out of pool myself.I find this OA so confusing,they tell me my joints are no good but say that using them all the time is the best thing to do.Of course I want to use them can't do anthing without using them.I want to walk,jog,garden,drive,do normal stuff.I really don't understand what they mean :?: Mirabella
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    oooooppps! sorry,pressed key twice by mistake :oops: Mirabella

    Hi Mirabella
    I deleted one of the duplicate post for you. :)
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    Hi Pat,
    but was enjoying the water so much
    ... that sums it up - the freedom and ease of movement in the water lulls us into a false sense of security - and is so easy to over do it. Do less next time and increase how much you do little by little.

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    Hi everyone and thanks for the replies.
    Mirabella ,I know it can be confusing to be told contradictory answers-seems we should use our joints until we feel pain then Stop and rest them-easier said than done :D
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    I no that when i go swimming i often have the same problems, which is abit of a nightmare as my son likes to go swimming, the consultant said swimming would be very beneficial for me, but try telling my knees that after ive been

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    Its all very well these people sitting behind desks {without any pain} telling us to swim and to exercise more. They should be in our shoes for a while.
    I had a back consultant tell me {a couple of weeks ago} that I had to walk more......I've had one THR and waiting for the 2nd but meantime had to see him about my back......I can walk for about 10 mins and thats it so how he expects me to walk more i dont know
    Isnt theory wonderful.....use it or lose it....yes can see the point but not its not blinkin' possible.
    Just do less the next time and gradually build up is all i can suggest
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    I've seen all sorts of opinions about this.I can only quote the surgeon who replaced my hip Rest before the op exercise after :roll: :roll: :roll:
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    Swimming does upset my shoulders, no front crawl/back crawl/doggy paddle/side stroke or enthusiastic breast stroke. However, a very very gentle breast stroke and not much of it is pleasant when its nice and warm, (so that was June 17th this year?).

    I'll leave the rest to the goldfish!

    8) Its a grin, honest!
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    I have osteochondritis in my left knee and i attend a hydrotherapy pool which is specially heated to ease the pain we arthur sufferers get and various other ailments. My pool also has a chair which you can be lifted in and out of (the pool attendant lowers you in and out) and also they can give you specific exercises to cater for your needs.
    So maybe you shouldnt be going into the pool and trying to be dolphinlike but just do some specially assigned exercises.....From what ive heard swimming is the gentlest of exercises for arthritis but some members in my pool just go in and let the heated water get to your joints.