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It did however detract from the usual formula of a children animals, OAP's and a repeat of the national news.

My niece worked as a BBC producer for several years, and she produced the regional news programme for the north of England, ''Look North''. Finding enough local news to fill the programme every night without resorting to the formula you mention is very difficult, and she was endlessly trying to think of ways to keep the programme lively and interesting. On the occasions I saw the programme, I thought that she succeeded. It does vary from region to region though, and our version of the regional news in the East Midlands is often very dull.

I agree that the BBC is biased towards everything which happens in London.

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    Use to live down in London a while back now. It only takes a couple of flakes to grind the capital to a halt. If they had the snow up north had they would never get anything done.....ummm no difference then really.