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Can anyone tell me if I am off work due to OA in my spine top and bottom does this go on my sickness record? I have been told by a colleague that it does not.

thank you


  • mariefab
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    Whenever any employee is off sick the absence should go on their sickness record.

    However, if your OA qualifies as a disability, you would have some protection under the DDA.
    For example, your employer would be required to consider 'reasonable adjustments', so they may decide to allow you to have a higher than normal total sickness absence before triggering any capability/disciplinary procedures that they may have in place as part of their absence management policy.
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    It does if you work for the NHS :!:
    Unless you are on long term sick which for me is 28 days
    Any short time sickness is counted
    Ive just had an operation & was recommended by Occ Health Dr to take 3wks off that doesnt count either as its planned surgery
    Hope I havent repeated everything everyone else has said :!:
    Keep warm
    Maria x