Something is definatly wrong.

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Hi all sorry but i needed to get this off my chest :( :oops:

Last night phoebe threw a tantrum dosen't sound like anything out of the ordinary for a 6 year old, but i haven't seen her this bad or this weepy since before she got her diagnosis, i'm putting it down the being in pain because she's not normallyn that bad when throwing a tantrum. Took me a good hour/hour and half to get her to calm down. My next door neighbour must have thought i was doing something to her. I hope nobody is going through this, keep well and keep warm.



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    Hugs xxx I so know what you mean Kayleigh is very moody at times and excessively so when I notice the pain increasing (as she doesn't always tell me).

    I tend to ignore her major tantrums and she will eventually calm down, mostly by going upstairs and getting her "blankie" Once she has calmed down I then sit with her and we hug I never ask her why she did as it just sets off again, once I feel she's settled enough we'll play for a bit (although always tend to be evening just before dinner at end of the week so tiredness from school and pain is a mjor factor) or she'll help me get dinner ready etc.

    Michelle xxx
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    Lucy is almost 8 and she is the same!! It got so bad with her "attitude" and he starting to become physically agressive after dignosis that we sort counsilling through action for children. Thay were amazing and thankfully she controlles herself, most of the time!!!
    Don't worry what others think, but talking about it helps! I recomend getting outside help or someone else for them to talk to about how they feel because sometimes they do not want to burden us more by discussing how they feel with us, then it builds up!!
    i hope she feels better soon
    metty christmas x:x
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    Very wise words there, lucysmum: I work as a private tutor for dyslexics and as I say to both the children and the parents re homework etc - 'You both need someone to blame for this and that's me'. Children don't necessarily have the vocabulary to explain their emotions, nor the ability, and there is always the possibility of feeling that they might be 'letting mum or dad down' by expressing themselves. Pain is trying, exhausting, hard to explain, demoralising and so bloody unfair. Having another person they can talk to is important - a grandparent, someone else's mum they like or a specialist in this field. DD
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