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Could it be classed as harassment and or victimisation if your line manager hands you a list of items you have missed doing a job and has written incompetent staff on it when it’s only you who has done the work??, he also made a lot of mistakes when he went to look to see what had been done so I’m not as daft as he thinks, also the job involved a lot of walking and kneeling so it’s not really fair to give it to me as I have restrictions on these mobility criteria, truth is he’s ragging on me day in day out I think he wants me to quit, I am open to suggestions but I thought I might e mail him back telling him I am not happy with what he has written and will be keeping the sheet of paper for future reference. Oh I'm covered by the DDA's as well OK!?.


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    Thanks Delboy your a star you is!.
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    Yes, i was going to mention the equality act as it covers harrassment. Its on thing pointing out your mistakes but to write you are incompetent isnt right.
    If you email him play him at his own game...
    say where he has mentioned your "errors" can he give you some training so you can do your job the way he wants - he cant just critisce without suggesting how you could both work together etc.
    I would also say, has he taken in account your disabilities which make it difficult to do and the reason why etc...
    I dont know the full circumstances so answers may not be ones you are looking for-keep your cool as he is probably looking for some excuse.
    Also write it down,diary,log etc because if he keeps just having a go at you you have a record and can do someting. if in a union have a chat with them.
    I would put things in writing and keep the bit of paper hes sent you - perhaps he should go on a managers course or dealing with people skills as he hasnt got any!

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