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:?: Hi hope everybody has had a good day at sometime this week.I have a question that has been bothering me for a few weeks and hope all you experts out there can give me an answer.I have RA in my hands,arms,wrists,toes and fingers my fingers are particularly bad at the moment.I am on methotraxate and have been for a while.I will shortly be starting with the injections as the tablets havent been a great success.the thing I dont understand is when my pain is really bad why over the last few weeks do I get really bad heartburn a the same time.I dont see how the two can be connected. x:?: x:? Thanks in advance helend


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    Hi Helen,

    Hope its eased off for you cus its some uncomfortable. Maybe the injections will help stop it cus the mtx tablets can cause stomach upsets. If it doesn't stop it maybe you should get it checked out?

    I don't know the answer but wonder if tension and stress as well as the bucket loads of tablets we have to take make it worse when the pain is bad? I might try and remember to ask the gastro when I next see him actually.

    I really hope it will sort for you once you stop having the tablets. Cris x
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    Meth is powerful stuff and can cause all kindsa trouble. I cannot remember if one takes the tablets before, after or with food, or whether a stomach protector is advisable - it's years since I was on tablet meth. The idea of switching to injections is to a) you bypass the digestion side of meth and b) you can also have a smalller dose as the liquid has a little more 'ooomph' than the tablets (that's summat I learned on here but I cannot remember from whom - :oops: ) I hope the switch works for you. Let us know how you get on, please. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi helend
    I used to get heartburn quite alot.particular drug was arthrotec which i am no longer on an the stomach is not bad at all now. I changed to celebrex which is a little kinder.
    I am also on mtx tabs, hydoxy and leflunomide. And i take these after food.

    Hope your heartburn eases and if not i would ask your doc
    Take care
    Merry christmas
    Juliepf x
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    Hi helend

    the best thing for me was the lanzoprazole for fixing that - i get heartburn if i even miss one dose now :))

    Hope you get it sorted - it is suprsingly uncomfy isnt it?


    toni xx
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    Hi Helen
    Sorry I cant help with your question, I just hope it has eased for you, I have tried so many things for heartburn...but cant get anything to work.....apart form lots of ginger
    Take care
    Barbara x
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    Hi , Helen , I also used to be in agony from heartburn and to be honest it was the last straw ! Quite enough dealing with the RA my GP prescribed me gavi**on which helped ; but the thing that sorted it for me was experimenting with diet , once I cut out dairy foods - no more heart burn ! Might work for you , might not as we all seem to react in different ways . Happy Christmas to all of you out there . Jilly
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    Helen, I too suffer from the most awful heartburn. But I am on Lanzoprazole for it - have been for a while. Providing I keep taking it, I'm fine.

    Best wishes,
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    Hello Helend

    Sorry about your heartburn. It's horrible isn't it?

    Do you take anti-inflamms? I have that problem with Diclofenac, even with stomach protecting meds but have not found the problem with mtx.

    Really hope that you find the injection mtx helps you and that the heartburn improves.

    Love Tilly xxx
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    I tend to get heartburn on the day i take my Methotrexate, i find if i take it last thing at night i don't notice so much but last week it woke me up and luckily Gaviscon sorted me out. Perhaps you are suffering the same side effect but more sporadically?

    Hope it eases soon!
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    my heart burn is now controlled by Omeprazole capsules gastro resistant , I had problems years ago after taking asprin for chest pain I then developed stomach ulcers and erosions for which I took zantac, this stopped working and the Omeprazole works wonders then a few weeks ago I developed severe chest pain and an inflammed osofogus was diagnoised, I could not even swollow spit with out pain they doubled my dose for a week which worked really well, I cannot take spicy food onions and things like tomato ketchup, hope this helps
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    Hi Helen,
    my name is Phil and I am over here in Australia. I have suffered badly with arthritis and large volume joint damage.
    [Text Deleted]

    *Post edited by a moderator as it breaches forum House Rule2 'promoting products'.IA
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    I'm on Omeprezol which protects the stomach. I have found that despite being on this a few problems arise. They usually need a couple of hours to get working.

    I find that midday is the best time to take it, not to eat and leave undigested food in the stomach after about 7pm and going to bed and lying down is a big NO-NO! Otherwise I'm bringing up acid most of the night, which can lead to lung irritation etc etc making you cough a lot.

    Certainly large meals are a no-no and overly spicy ones, sips of water helps sometimes. Curiously, cold beer can be a problem!
    x8) its a wintry grin, honest!
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    looks like the spam just arrived from Oz?

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