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surgeons report

mellman01mellman01 Posts: 5,303
Hi all sorry to trouble you again but I have had a letter from the surgeon who operated on my knees in 2008, then I was told I had a lot of debris in there and they needed flushing out, once done I was also told I had a deburment on both patella and I had OA, since then I have had a lot of pain problems and recently went back to see him yet again this time he sent me for another MRI, this shows full thickness cartilage loss to the backs of both patella in keeping with chondral damage
One of the main reasons I saw the surgeon this time was regarding him writing a report to my company OC health Doctor with regards to ill health retirement, when I saw the company Doctor a few months back I signed a form stating that I wished to see the report before it was sent, but now in his letter the surgeon states he has written to the company doctor on my behalf!, is this an infringement of my rights here?, I don’t know what the report says other than what he has written in the letter to me, I did tell him I had requested that I see the report first and I e mailed him notifying him of this fact, I’m not sure but it doesn’t feel right to me why didn’t I get the report before my company Doctor?, I thought I would be able to have a say in if I agreed or disagreed with what he had written, have I any legal rights here?, has he gone against my wishes??. What the hell is goin on!! :shock: :roll: x:rudolf


  • helpline_teamhelpline_team Posts: 2,068
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    Hi Mellman,

    Thank you for your posting, I have sent you a private message that I hope you find useful. Do remember that here at the helplines we are operating a Santa service, so we are still around for you during this festive period.

    Best Wishes and seasons greeting
  • mellman01mellman01 Posts: 5,303
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    Well I got a letter from the surgeon and it seems he's already written to the company Doctor, the letter addressed to me isn't very long and only states I have full thickness cartlidge damage under the patella and stress changes in the sub chonderal area of both knees and this is evident in the MRI, that's about it, the only other thing he has added is the type of exercise I should undertake to strengthen my thigh muscles to help support both kneecaps, oh he also says he has contacted the company dctor on my behalf so I don't know if this is the same letter he has sent through to him or not, I imagined it would be a long letter with scan images etc am I wrong on this?.
    I guess there isn't a lot I can do now if it is different it's all going on without me as usual, no one seems to worry about my rights and I don't know what they are anyway!, so I will have to see what is in the letter when I see him (company Doctor) next, the thing is I don't like walking in blind to meetings but this happens all the time at work, I get told nothing until I am in the room so have no time to prepair for anything, it drives me mad, it's not that I have anything to really be ashamed of or need to hide it's just I always get treted like I am guilty of some awful crime and get treated acordingly, any little thing is turned into a weapon against me, also I feel I have been on the outside of the loop from day one.
    Sorry venting me spleen a bit I've calmed down a bit now!. :oops:
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