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Hi to all and a very merry xmas to you all :))

a very big thankyou to everyone on here who has helped me in bad and sad times and have given me advice on how to deal with this horrid x:x condition.

this site has done a lot for me and for that i will always be grateful :)

i'm sorry i have not been on here very much but do look in every day :))

here is hoping that everyone has a better time 2011 :!:

hugs to all of you

Louise xx


  • jean123
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    Merry Christmas to you too, Louise.

    Jean and the forum team x:rudolf x:rudolf x:rudolf
  • dreamdaisy
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    Hi psyart, I hope you have a lovely day. Take care, enjoy things as much as you can and look after yourself, please. DD

    PS I forgot - Happy Christmas!
  • frogmorton
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    Merry Christmas to you too louise

    Lots of loVE

    TONI XXt7707.gif
  • janie68
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    Merry Christmas Louise!

    Hope you are enjoying your day x:D

    Janie xx
  • breane
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    Hi everyone,I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. x:D Many thanks for all your advice throughout the year.Keep warm and enjoy all your Christmas goodies. Breane.x :))
  • jillyb1
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    Happy Christmas , everyone , hope you have a fantastic few days and look forward to a healthier new year . Jilly
  • wibberley
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    Merry Christmas everyone - hope you all have a wonderful day! x:D

    Lois x
  • tillytop
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    Merry Christmas to you too Louise!

    Lots love Tilly xxx
  • dachshund
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    Hi Louise.
    its nice to meet new people on here and do what you can to help them.
    i wish you a very happy christmas and a good 2011.
    joan xx :))
  • skezier
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    Hi Loise,

    Hope you had a good time flower and have a good boxing day as well.

    You know before I found this site I was running scared and I mean scared.... they are good lot and your one f them!

    You shouldn't say you don't post enough Maid... we all do what we can but sometimes life gets in the way and other times we get so swamped out we just can't post.... we all do that I think.

    Thank you for all your help and leaving you and a hope the snow doesn't come this far west! Love Cris xxx
  • Starburst
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    Hope you all had a good one yesterday and are having a good one today too! :)) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    Am currently watching Christmas TV film after Christmas TV film. Hehe!

  • ironic
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    Hi Louise,

    Happy Boxing Day. Wishing you a more peaceful 2011.

    All the best to everyone, :)) x:rudolf
    Lv, Ix
  • [Deleted User]
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    Merry Christmas Everyone,

    Hope everyone has a lovely break and that next year fulfills some of our dreams!

  • speedalong
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    Merry Christmas Louise, hope we all fair well in 2011.


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