To all of our brave younger ones . . .

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I hope you all have a good Christmas and that Santa has brought you all the right presents! I also hope that your arthritis leaves you all alone for the day, and that you all have a whale of a time. I send my best wishes, too, to all the courageous mums and dads, who are fighting this battle with you and for you. Happy Christmas! DD


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    Myself and the rest of the forum team would like to add our good wishes too.


    x:rudolf x:rudolf x:rudolf
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    :)) Merry christmas, and to take a quote from a famous film 'God bless us everyone' Hope everyone had a great time xxxx

    Michelle x:wink:
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    Morning everyone, I hope you are all as well as you can be. I am currently struggling with the inevitable payback - I sincerely hope it doesn't apply to Annie, Tom, Phoebe, Jordan, Kayleigh et al. Thinkikng of you. DD
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    Awww thank you :d we had a fab day here and just like you Monday was a **** of a day. Kayleigh's hips and pelvis were sore but that was it. Then again I decided to stop her doing certain things and take it easy we had some god ole films on the telly and had some quiet family down time. Was a change from the norm doing it like that but no one seemed to care or mind was like they all wanted it adults too lol. Of course me being the one cooking christmas dinner didn't get that down time but was a fab day anyway. Santa was very kind to her hehe. Such a change from last year where she barely managed to open 2 let alone all of them this year although behind the others she still did them al herself so proud of her :D

    Michelle xxx
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    DD - Thank you for thinking of us all. Annie had a great Christmas and her steroids seemed to have kicked in just on time. The irony is with Annie well the rest of them here have succumbed to xmas lergy and have been really grotty. I am last woman standing and only by her toe nail! Remember it is the season to be jolly. La te la!

    PS - I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are not suffering too much. xx

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