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Hello everyone, hope you all had a good xmas, I had a lovely day. I'm starting to feel better now, my depression is lifting despite the fact I've had a bad chest infection and a car accident, luckily I wasn't too badly hurt but the car is a write off. Fortunately for me it's a motability car (only 1 year old !!!) so that means I have a hire car and will be able to get a new car asap. It was 100% the other drivers fault, he pulled out of a junction straight into the side of my car, luckily no other cars were about or it could've been worse. So all in all I think I've done quite well . HAPPY NEW YEAR to all x:D

Love Sue


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    blooming heck Sue... Sorry you've had a rough time of it..
    Hope things are starting to go better now. Motability do look after you when anything happens, at least the RAC do, did for me..

    Be well
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    Hello Sue

    Oh I am so sorry you have been having such a rough time of it. But glad you are starting to feel a bit better now and hope that continues. I really hope you get your new car soon.

    Thinking of you.

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Hey nansue, it's good to hear from you. I am sorry about the car but very pleased that you were unhurt. What good news about the depression too - long may that continue to be the case. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Sue,
    It’s lovely to hear from you. What a nasty shock for you. I am so glad you are not hurt.

    I hope your replacement car is ready soon.

    Wishing a good 2011,
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    hi so glad you feeling more positive well done on that and glad you were not hurt when car was and you get nice new one something to look foward to val
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    Hi Sue,
    That must have been a shock and the sooner you get a car and get behind the wheel again the better {the voice of experience speaking :lol: }
    Glad you wern't hurt andd glad you are feeling better

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    Hi sue
    sorry about the accident that must have shook you up.
    Glad you were not hurt.
    Its nice to know that you are now feeling much better in yourself too.
    Take care
    juliepf x