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For 11 months I have had trouble with my balance. I keep forgetting where my legs are. My vision is also impaired and I need time to focus after doing things like reading. Open spaces and corridor are hard to walk through. I also get very nauseous. I have had loads of test from neurology and ENT and been given the all clear. However I have been asked about arthritis which up to a month ago I would have said that I don’t have it. Recently I have started to suffer with joint pains all over and my blood test show a high rheumatoid reading but no signs of inflammation.
The joint pain is not too bad until I take certain actions...opening the car door can make me feel that a joint has just exploded in my hand. Turning or bending can cause the same effect on a knee joint. Even putting on a dressing gown can cause sickening pain in my thumbs and shoulders.
The worst thing is the imbalance. I can walk round a super market as long as I look down and hold onto a trolley, and it is so bad now my family do not want me to go out until my wheelchair arrives.
I did have a virus for several weeks before all this began and do have other health issues which I have overcome. (Heart attack and stroke 17 years ago).
Having said that I have been employed as a full time teacher for the last 10 years which I have loved and been very successful with.
Does any of this make any sense to any arthritis sufferer or carer??


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    hi you will get propper reply but yes i kept falling and triping balance was awfull and because was exhausted all the time eyes were affected but now on meds that work it all settled down have odd problem but on the whole happy to go out on own again good luck val
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    Welcome to Chat to Helplines -we are not medical experts and cannot give diagnosis or medical advice - but will do our best to give you correct information. I am going to post a private message to you - so you need to log in to see it.
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    Arthritis comes in many guises, and can be very difficult to diagnose. Have you seen a rheumaotologist, has your GP considered referring you? There is a condition called reactive arthritis, it's triggered by infections and you mentioned a viral infection in your post. I am not a doc but it does sound as tho you need more investigations to take place. Keep a diary of all your symptoms, what aggravates them and/or eases them, try to monitor pain levels, tiredness levels etc, so that when you do get to see someone they have as accurate a picture of you that they can. I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben