Does this sound familiar to anyone, please?

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Can anyone help me with this, please?

I have OA in my hands, particularly in the base of my thumb, and also in my lower spine and knees. I've revently started to get pains in both elbows, and I often wake up with numbness from my elbow to my little finger.

My GP arranged an x-ray of my right elbow, which was worst afected, to see if there was any OA there, but it showed a 'normal' joint. He (the GP) has suggested that the problem might be connected with the OA in my fingers, or could be an early sign of the OA spreading to my neck. Very vague, and not much help - he just said that I should go back again if it worsens, and that was it :roll:

Just wondered if any of you helpful people out there have experienced similar symptoms, or have any idea of what might cause this - or what to do about it x:?:

Any ideas gratefully received, thanks x:D



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    Funny you should mention it Naomi, I have been going for physio on my hands and wrists, I have RA in them both so the physio is just to try to get some strength back... I did start getting pain in my right elbow, she did say it could be from my wrist too..
    I have been doing my excersises, well, not as much as I should but the elbow pain has gone, and touch wood, not returned.. Maybe the GP is right hun? Of course it could be totally different as we're alll different folks.......

    Be well...
    PS, I also have OA in my lower spine, knees and probably left hip too :roll: :lol:
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    Hi Nomi,

    Nice to see you by the way.

    I have a knackered neck and have pins and needles very often in both arms and sometimes electric shock type things that go to the feet.....

    The thing is you need to see someone who will find out whats actually happening.....

    Who to see though...... Ask your gp for a referral to someone who deals in this kind of thing. It might be an ortho, a rumo or possible nerve conduction tests, I honestly don;t know which.

    Its honestly best to find out what is going on. For me stretching things after waking can help ease it but the numbness and pan stays a while....

    I so hope you can find some rest bite and leaving you a ((( ))) Cris x
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    Hi Tony and chris, and thanks for your comments, thoughts and ((()))'s!

    I suppose that I was hoping that it wouldn't be the OA starting in yet another joint (neck) but sounds as if there are a lot of us with problems with multiple joints.

    My GP hasn't referred me to anyone as yet (after 10 or so years of OA) as the diagnosis seemed so clear - particularly as my mum has multi-joint OA too. (I even had to self refer to the Occ Therapist), but I may well ask again about seeing someone now. I really should do the hand excercises the OT gave me more often too!

    Thanks again

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    Hi Naomi
    Sorry I cant offer much help, apart from I have OA in my back and hips, but lately my elbow and fingers have started to hurt, my GP say it could be I am waiting for an xray.
    I hope you get some answers very soon.
    Barbara xx