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I was diagnosed with AS in 2002, since then i have had no contact with any medical professonals bar my GP for my AS. I have been managing the pain when it gets bad with various Pharmacuticals. I swim, stretch, attend a gym 2/3 times a week and my GP says my general health is very good. I have a good diet and have stopped smoking, I drink alcohol regulary,3/4 days a week. I have a good bed and sleep well in it, 8hrs per night.
As a builder i am on the move all the time during my working day.
I try to keep my posture as it should be.
Friday last week i entered a flare up with levels of pain i havn't experienced before. I have taken Tramacet/Paracetamol for the pain and Indometacin which I think is an antinflamory. Today I feel much better for no apparent reason. My GP can't offer anything more than drugs that don't work well.
Is this as good as it gets for AS sufferers?
Can I do more? Should i be focusing on something? PLS,PLS


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    Sounds like you are doing a pretty good job at controlling your AS with exercise. All the info we have does indicate that flares can happen from time to time but afterwards can just settle back to normal. The next step would be to see a rheumatologist if you feel the flares are more frequent or you have more pain and stiffness. Thats the route to go for different treatment options if you feel that is what is needed.
    We have information on AS on our publications pages and also a wealth of info we can send out to you from Helplines You can also take a look at Arthritis Reasearch UK's website and also the National Ankolysing Spondilitis Society's information via
    If you want to email or chat to someone we are open at 10am tomorrow 0808 800 4050.
    hope this helps
    Helplines Team