Spine artrhitis

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Hi everyone
recently diagnosed with spinal arthritis after being treated for 3 ruptured discs,and I also have pain in thumbs and big toe,,,
anyway specialist wants me to come back to have needle in back to find out which disc is causing the pain (pain shoots down leg) anyone here have experiance of this procedure and any info please.


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    hi, I've had arthritis in my spine a god few yrs now. Not had that procedure but just wanted to wish you good luck with it..
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    hi tjt6768
    did your other injections hurt
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    Hi Leakydisc,

    Welcome to posting and yep got a few of them as well :wink:

    Haven't had that particular thing but have huge amounts of needles in the spin over the years....

    Do they hurt,,,,,,

    Well yes a bit but it depends on what is doing it and also how much you can stay relaxed......

    We do half decent pocket duties f we are needed and I really hope they will find out and be able to help you.

    Have they ever talked abut surgery? I would so like at least 2 of mine removed but they have already taken some and they seem reluctant to do the ones I want shot of .... they do sort of hurt eh? :lol:

    Good luck and please let us know how it goes. Nice to meet you. Cris x