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just wondering if you might be able to help, i been using nurofen back pain patches on my knees as i have OA and i find it seems to help a lot more than taking codeine, i been using the patches in the day and a codeine during the night.

i am aware that codeine is only used on a short-term basics as you can addicted to it, so i just wondering if this would be a better alternative, and can you get them on prescription or where can you buy them.

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    Hi there,
    Thank you for your enquiry to Helplines. We can't give you individual medical advice, but there are lots of suggestions and information in our booklets. And we will try to give you ideas to explore with your GP / physiotherapist / pharmacist.

    For example if you are using anti-inflammatory medications over the counter (even as patches) it's important that your GP is aware of that as they can be associated with some risks of side effects - so the GP will know what to watch out for.

    Codeine based drugs are ones that have been mentioned in the press I am aware, but you still may be offered them long-term if the doctor thinks you are responding well to them. (But only for as long as you have sufficient pain.)

    Key in all this are your skills of self-management - and that means finding out the best information and applying practical learning to your day to day life with the ups and downs of having a long term condition like arthritis.

    I wonder whether you've seen our booklets yet?
    Living with osteoarthritis, exercise and arthritis and managing pain are well worth reading.

    We also run self-management groups

    If you would like us to post you more information, just email and give us your full name and address and say what kind of arthritis you'd like more information about.

    I hope that's been helpful