skezier's outpatients

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Have just spoken to Cris.

She saw the rheumy and has had x-rays of neck wrists and feet too.

She filled him in on the issues concerning her neck and the paralysis.

Unfortunately he has told her the same as the pain clinic, but in better terms; she has advanced spondylosis.

Tomorrow she is to go to the physio to collect a night neckbrace (thank goodness) and maybe a day collar too. They may try some acupuncture too.

She is to increase the MTX to 25mg, but if there is no norticeable improvement to drop it again to 20. She is to stay on the diclos if she can (knickers to the ulcer!) as they are the best and of course the pregablin.

The drip is to go ahead as planned in january and he will reveiw her in clinic in the spring if not before.

Bless Cris - she is very very upset at the mo, but has gone to do the sheep - they will be the best therapy for her.

She is not shocked as she expected as much to be honest, but she is still devastated.

If she can cris will come on later - she may be too upset, but thanks each and evry one of us for our support and being there for her.


Toni xx


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    give her my best Toni, tell her I'm sorry I missed pocket duties, I need a kick up the bum for these things, I'm blooming useless at remembering anything..

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    Oh skezier, I am so, so sorry: expected or not, it's still a shock. No words will do, I know that. Go hug a sheep, hug it again and again, and then again. After a little breather hug it again, and again, and again, and again. Have another little breather, then hug it again . . . . . . you get the picture. Much love and some hugs too. DD ((((()))))
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    Give her love from me. x

    Only spoken to her a few times but she seems a cheery and funny gal x
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    She doesn't do things by halves, that's for sure!

    ..........the sheepses are the best cure at the minute...........

    Cris, if you do pop in, have some ((((())))) nothing like as good as sheepy ones, but warm and sent with love.

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    thanks Toni
    as upsetting as it is questions have been answered for Cris and knowing Cris she will come up with a plan , the sheepies are good therapy , hugs to you and Cris . You are a brilliant PA as allways xx
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    Thank you Toni
    Cris...I hope those lovely sheep are giving you a big cuddle....I certainly would if I was know we are all here when you want to talk....
    Take care my love
    Barbara xxx
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    Hi Toni, and thank you for bringing us up to date.

    Cris, I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis; it is so tough for you. I hope that you will get all the help you deserve.

    Love from Joan, and a very big purr from Tommy k040.gif
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    Thanks for the update Toni.

    Thinking of you Cris.

    Lots of love and hugs.

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    x:rudolf Toni, thanks for letting us know Cris' news. I'm sure she's feeling quite sad at the moment, but please tell her that I send my best wishes and lots of hugs for her. Thinking of Cris and sending hugs and hopes ((((()))) Love Brenda xxxx x:rudolf
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    Thank you for the update Toni,
    Cris im so sorry you'd been told this but at least you know what to face. I know how upsetting these things are, cuddle them sheepies & take some time out for yourself.
    I hope the brace & increased MTX helps.
    I also hope my nudge from your pocket was helpful.
    Luv n loads of ((((hugs)))) debs
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    cris this is a lot to get your head around hugs to help you through val
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    Oh Cris so sorry to hear the latest but I would think you had a good idea of what they were going to say but it doesn't make it any less painful to hear.

    Hugs to you ((((( ))))))

    Thanks for letting us all know Toni

    Lots of love
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    Hi Toni,
    Thanks for filling us in with Cris. Can anything go right for her? I can't even begin to imagine how she must be feeling. She's always there for me when I post my woes. Please let her know I'm thinking of her-I do, every day.
    ((((((((((((())))))))))))))) Eileen xx
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    Toni thanks flower for both your support and pa duties ((((( ))))) xx

    Iris and Wonky you both have been a huge strength to me today so more hugs, slurps and thanks to you both. xxxx

    Hi Tony, DD, Pamie, Annie, Barbara, Ange, Berty, Joan, Tilly, Brenda, Debs, Val, Legs and Eileen,

    Not the best result cus I sort of half heartedly reasoned with the paralyzation I would get a chance of surgery..... Stead of that I getting a night brace and probably a day collar... yep there is a difference, one you can sleep in and one I think might cause trouble if its like the last one.

    Tisn't just the neck....

    The leg tremor and shakes is cus the lumber is also about to go completely and nothing he can do for that. I always known that one, well for the last 30 or so years so that's no big surprise there at all.

    How near... I got virtually no reflexes so you tell me :wink: Mind haven't had leg reflexes for 23 years as such so not sure that means anything really. There is a very sluggish thing but not enough to case any actual limb movement but I still have strength so passed the push up and down thing but the left hands got half the grip the right one has......

    He started off with his priority ie the drip. Feet and hands are shown really bad signs of some word he uses that means I have to have it but he then said about having the tablets 2 weeks before to improve the chances of getting a vein as there will be no midline.....

    Then I mentioned the paralysis and it all changed. Seemed to be the key word for my neck :lol::lol: Kinda thought it might be.....

    I meant to be going into physio for the brace tomorrow. They said I might have to have one made up to fit but in the mean tie they have one in the cupboard they can stick on me. The thing is worse was to come.....

    I am certain its decision time on one of the sheep...... I don;t think it can wait and it will depend on what time a vet can come out as to if I get to the physio between 8.30 and 10.30.

    No one should tell me this isn't the right way round please.

    Its poor Hopes and its not looking good tonight at all. It kinda seems you can't get them past 11. (with one ore already 11 and the others to follow quite soon I sort of pray you can!) I am so gutted and so dejected abut both the appointment and this.

    Please forgive me if I sink like a stone for a bit cus life seems very hard just now and it honestly looks like about to get much harder.

    Oh the xrays are a start as well eh? Erosion will show up and oa but obviously inflammation doesn't less its really bad I believe.... my wrists ain't good but maybe the increased mtx will work? 22.2 this week and 25 the week after and after he examined the useless bits he was taking about add ins after it drops back to 20....

    He used the word palliative help and offered no real but be honest what can they do?

    Still wouldn't mind finding an ortho opinion.... I mean I still think it cud be roded?!

    Back burner is full up just now :wink:

    You all take care and I will keep in touch regardless of what tomorrow brings. xx

    Oh and the neck and the lumber.... well they will have to take me out cus ain't giving them an easy ride not now and not ever! Got some fight left eh?!
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    Aww cris, ((((hugs))) to you and your sheepies i dont really know what to say , life is harsh and throws very mean things at us. You are strong, and like you say you aint giving them an easy ride, keep fighting and stay strong.
    I really do hope you will be ok and i am sending you (((hugs))) and buckets of hope as you always send out to us!
    Please take care and keep safe and warm.

    Luv me x
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    x:cry: Hi Cris, I was so sorry to hear all your news, both health and sheep wise. Life just seems to keep on dealing you these blows, it doesn't seem fair really as your life is hard enough. I hope your sheep is ok,and then I hope your neck brace helps. I'm so glad to hear you have some fight left in you, thats the way to go girl! and we're right behind you to help you fight all the way. I have received so much strength and comfort from you Cris since I joined this site back in March and I hope that I can be here to support you too. Please accept my huge hopes for you that this situation doesn't get you down for long and that you are able to come out fighting hun. sending you buckets full of hope, fortitude and steadfastness and enough hugs to keep you going for ever. Stay strong Cris and look after yourself hun, love Brenda (((((()))))))) xxxxxxxxx x:( x:| x:)
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    Hi Skezier , well I have read this post this morning and have been in tears, my thoughts are with you and i hope they can sort you out soon with what you need. sending gentle hugs. xx Di :cry:
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    Cris my friend my thoughts are with you , i dont know what else to say , its your inner strenth that amazes me i will be in your pocket this morning with the kleenex , so do wish i could do more xx many many hugs for all {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}
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    Morning chris
    I have just read this post and i am really sorry for you, no wonder you feel so low.
    I hope the neck braces help and the increased dose of mtx.
    Good luck with the physio, i will be thinkinng about you.
    Hope the shhep will be ok too.
    Just sending you love and hugs
    please take care
    thinking about you
    (tony thankyou for starting this thread but sorry i am late responding)
    love juliepf x
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    Good luck Cris at the physio

    I do hope the brace is ok and stops that paralysation in it's tracks.

    I also hope the vet has some better news than you are expecting. You CANNOT dig holes x:shock:

    Give Hope a hug from Auntie Toni


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    You do what is right for you. Sheep first and you second seems entirely reasonable to me at the moment, your sheep are paramount in your world and that is how it should be. We all sink from time-to-time but you do know, don't you, that we are all here for you? Talk to us if you want, don't if you don't, but you will be constantly in our thoughts, skezier. Days of reckoning do just suddenly appear from nowhere - even if one thinks one is prepared they can still stun and shock. You are a woman of courage, determination, spirit and valour - OK, the reserves are low at the moment but those various buckets will re-fill - we will make sure of that by sending you our love. DD
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    Hi Cris
    I will be with you all the way, today and everyday...give some hugs to hope from me...and please save some for you dont... :)
    I so wish I could help more...maybe one day my love...
    Keep warm and safe..
    Lots of love
    Barbara xxx
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    Hi Cris,
    Sorry I could not get on last night, I had family round most of the day and evening.
    Well we sort of new the neck brace was coming there. I do hope you manage to get to the hospital today and at least get a temporary one. It might just ease your neck and arm enough in the mornings so that you can spend more time with your lovely girls.
    It’s been a hard winter for them and hopefully the weather there will improve over the next few days and they will feel a little more comfortable. Fingers crossed that the vet can be with you later today.
    Hopefully the increase in the MTX will ease some of the inflammation in your wrists etc.
    Cris you have done the right thing in getting things sorted and you should be proud of yourself for taking the first steps.
    The tablets before the next drip may well help with the veins. I do hope so.
    My thoughts are with you and Hope,
    More hugs,
    Lv, Ix
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    Petal, there are few words of comfort left; if you sink like a stone, think of us as ripples round you, there and ready to comfort if we possibly can. You know you are surrounded by love from us like the ripples.

    You will come through, maid, because you always do. Hopes may have come to end of the line for her, but there will always be others to hug and give comfort.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

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    Dear Cris,

    What a lot to take in.And your dear sheepie too.You must feel rock-bottom. All I can offer is support on here and gentle hugs. I know you are made of stern stuff but we all want to help you so please ask if need be.