Any one know around how much new flat garage roof costs.

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We have had holes our garage and bichumin has been used in past how ever it is time to think new flat garage roof.
The garage roof is shared with next door who ain't got no problem. It was caused by silly old next door neighbors son unthinkingly throwing a rotary washing line on top so it was out way and inadvertently damaging our side the day of moving house. We will have to pay i think but we would like to know how much are they. any builders on line thanks. Joanne


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    Hi, Just asked hubby, (builder before stroke) and he says roughly £700 to £1,000.
    Obviously cannot be completely accurate depends on so many things.
    Hope that helps

    (Our son's quote actually but hubby thinks he did it- he can't remember much)
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    Hi Daylily is about right although it depends on what materials you use.

    E x
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    Thanks for that not too bad really. We are going to look into it get xmas over first. thank you both for replying x Joanne
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    I did ours at our old house garage roof years ago, felt is around £45 you will need 2 or 3 roles at least, get a role for good thick stuff not the rubbish Do it All or B & Q sell it's cheap thin stuff with a daft price, go for Travis perkins stuff or Jewsons etc, they also do synthetic coverings that are really expensive but they are meant to be very good, I don't know about rubber but I would imagine that is what they are.
    Basically you will need 4xfull sheets of good ply wood NOT chip board that just fluffs up and falls aprt when wet, marine ply is best but costs not totally sure but I would imagine around £60 a sheet minimum for the thickness you will need, a builder will charge you around £140 a day for his work it should only take a day it did when I had a go, in fact it was less than a days work just, it's going to be money well spent if you go for good materials you gets what you pay for as they say.
    Oh and your right about what did the damage, ours was a kid that use to get up on there and wander around, felt gets brittle and some noddy walking on it wont do it any good.