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Hi everyone, just hoping everyones having a nice Christmas & New Year. Been worried about all of you who are poorly and aren't in the best of spirits this time of year. I just wanted to say thank you to those who have helped me on this site. I know for a fact I wouldn't be as strong as I am now without knowing I have such a big support group behind me. & even when you aren't feeling your best you are all still so happy and willing to make me feel happier when I'm being miserable teenager!
Thank you all for inspiring me to be stronger and for showing me that my life can be great as I get older even with this evil disease! You are all such a big inspiration to me and don't even know it!
Just wanted to let you know I appreciate all of you and wish you the best and hope that you and your families can feel as happy as you all make me :)
Thank you for always being there
Lots of love and best wishes for the new year!


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    Hi stephanie
    Thats a lovely message and i am glad the forum helps.
    It is lovely when you get the support of these friendly people, they have helped me no end of times too.
    Have a great new year, ours will be quiet but still enjoyable.
    Take care
    juliepf x
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    Gorgeous message from you , Stephanie , but I have to say that your cheerful way of looking at life and the dodgy hand you've been dealt is an inspiration to me ( a moany old crip in her fifties ) and many others on here . Keep smiling and hope you have a healthy less painful 2011 . Jilly
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    Hi Stephanie,

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year and I hope that you find things a little easier in 2011.
    I have to agree with you this is a great site with wonderful people on it.

    Take care,
    Lv, Ix
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    It's the best thing about here, isn't it? People understand, they know what it is all like and one can usually guarantee a helpful answer or two to a post. I hope 2011 proves to be a better year for you - and keep in touch, let us know how you are getting on! DD
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    Hi stephiey
    What a lovely message, and dont you forget that you have contributed by being you, and keeping cheerful.
    I wish you and all your family a very happy and healthy New Year.
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Stephanie,

    I just read your post and it made me feel a bit lighter (had a bit of a rough day) So thank you and a lot here have had this horrible bone stuff from a young age and no matter how hard it can get it also gets very good.

    Your allowed to be a 'miserable teenager' its part of the remit :lol: Its good though to have this support network and I am so glad it helped you and it will continue to when ever you need it.

    There is a life beyond the bones flower. You will be fine, bet you.

    Wishing you a really good 2011 and thanks for posting that. Cris x