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I have a lovely, kind story to tell and to thank a complete stranger.
My mum works in a jewlrey shop and a lady came in to buy some pearls for her daughter who had just had her first baby, by all accounts a successful barrister who has suffered with Arthritis since she was 18 months old. Since her baby, she has been suffering badly again. My mum told her about Annie and her awful year with Arthur. This lady then paid for her pearls and went only to come back shortly with a box of thermals - a top and leggings in black. She said to my mum that her daughter always needed to be kept warm and when she hears of someone with Arthur she always buys them thermals. I wish I could let this lovely and thoughtful lady know that Annie is so delighted with the thermals and has been wearing them every day and how a strangers generosity has touched my heart because she just "gets it".
So Christmas elves do exists and you never know someone on here may even be or know this lady.....


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    That's such a lovely story. It's nice to know that there are genuinely nice people out there doing what they can to make others feel better. Gives me a lot of hope!
    Thank you for sharing and I hope your daughter is doing ok.

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    Very Nice it coud have been her angel
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    That is just so heartwarming to read. There are some people out there that do understand. What a lovely person that lady was. She probably got as much joy buying them as she knew they would help as your daughter has wearing them.

    Elna x
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    oh thats lovely!!! It is so hard to find people who understand. I mean even schoold so not seem to grasp the concept of these children looking perfectly normal from the outside and yet struggle so much!!!
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    Only those that have experience can understand. It's always been so. It is a heartwarming story, tho. There are still some lovely, lovely people in this horrid world of ours. DD
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    So nice to hear that there are people out there that have a kind heart. The thermals are great i got some for my daughter.

    Hears to your angel, i hope your little girl is doing great.

    Michelle A xx