Advice appreciated - Auto Immune Arthritis and Methotrexate

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Hi all,

Hope you all had lovely Christmas'! :)

Haven't been on here for a while - apologies - moved house / lack of internet has hindered me somewhat!

Was after peoples advice / knowledge on Autoimmune Arthritis and the drug Methotrexate... I had a meeting with a consultant just before Christmas to get the results of my tests. Long story short; the hospital messed up the appointment and so ended up seeing a different Consultant to my usual one who wasn't there, and it was all very distressing, I was told I have Autoimmune Arthritis, and was handed a leaflet about the drug Methotrexate.

I have made another appointment to see my usual consultant next week as I've been left feeling totally clueless as to exactly what Autoimmune Arthritis is, and whilst I have a leaflet on the drug I'd really appreciate any advice and knowledge anyone has about it?!




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    Hi there!

    Can't really help with the Autoimmune diagnosis, it seems rather vague. I have a list of autoimmune conditions as long as your arm, but they are not all arthritis!

    You will very likely get as many opinions on Metho as there are replies! It seems to work on a very individual basis.

    For me it has given me a year and more of better quality of life and I have been lucky with the side effects, they came along only recently, so now we are doing a bit of experimenting with different dosages.

    Others will report completely different effects; you won't really know yourself how it will affect you unless you try it.

    Best wishes on your journey and I hope you get some more answers next week.

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    Hi MissKat, I hope all is as well with you today as it can be. I too am mystified by this term 'autoimmune arthritis'. I have PA, psoriatic arthritis, it's like RA (rheumatoid) but with the added extra of psoriasis. This is caused by an over-active immune system (something that has plagued me since birth) ie my body attacks itself for lack of anything better to do. Meth is used as an immune-suppressant with the vague idea of stopping this from happening: I say vague idea because it does nothing for me, but it can be (and has been) very successful for others. I hope you can find out a little more about what is going on with you, and I wish you well. DD
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    I reckon it could be any of the inflamatories arthritises???


    hope the usual person will explain better to you.

    A lot of guys on here have had good results with the methotrexate (I am taking hydroxy and colchinine for mine), if your specialist concurrs with the other - you could always try it an see?


    toni xx
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    Thanks for your replies... it is all a bit mystifying! But as you say, hopefully Thursday will bring me more info, and maybe Meth isn't as scary as I originally thought...