Blue Badge - GP will not support my application

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My GP has refused to support my appeal for a blue badge. I undoudtedly like so many of you have a number of other medical conditions.

My GP was unsimpathetic and unhelpful. The remarks he made were exceptionally defensive. I left in tears, following a break down.

Please can anyone offer any advice/information?


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    Been down this road never did get a badge, I was told by my GP that I can walk 50 yards so no chance that said on other things he's been OK, however post OP my old GP was bloody useless and had missed the fact that I had advanced OA of my kneecaps for over two years, what I did was to book in and see each GP I had been told was good and then when I gound one I got on the best with I moved to him, bottom line is you have the right to change, you have the power so don't put up with crap service, I changed by simply e mailing the surgery, at the end of the day we are paying their wages.
    I have found to my cost that the medical system is full of different types some can have serious attitude problems and some are just not good at their job, and now rather than fight them head on I try and use mental judo and go round them instead, it's just like life in general I guess, just because he/she is a Doctor doesn't mean their not biggoted or pig headed or just pants, trust me I've seen them all, well apart from a Doctor Shipman that is otherwise I wouldn't be posting on here!.