What can I claim?

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I have arthritis in my lower spine and I work as a care assistant in a nursing home,which is very heavy work. Im constantly in pain im on pregablin, robaxin, tramadol slow release and co codamol everyday. Im also using thermacare heat wraps, very expensive !!! If I give up work what benefits can I claim? Im constantly taking time off and getting SSP but when I think it feels a bit better I go back to work and make it worse again. I live in Northern Ireland also and my CAB is only open two mornings a week and theres a waiting list!!!!


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    Sorry I cant help with your question, but if you post on working matters, then hopefully someone will come along , well maybe tomorrow think they will all be partying....not me though.
    Barbara x
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    Ring your local Social Security office for info, or check government websites - someone posted a link recently on a forum - I can't remember either the link or the forum, sorry! The AC helpline might also have some info. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Margaret

    here you would sart out on sick pay as you have and after you have been on it so many weeks be called for an esa meeting. They then assess you for ESA (emplotyment support allowance). There has been much talk of this in the media and on here as it is notorioulsy dificult to get.

    The other option is to try for disability living allowance...this is a benefit you can get working or not. It has two parts to it one mobility and one care. If you go on the govt's site you will be able to see it and maybe download it.

    This benefit has been getting harder to qualify for too - so it is STILL advisable to get some support to complete the forms (CAB) if you ring them they should give you an appt.

    I hope you can get some help as you sound to be struggling - wise to think before you are actually unable to work eh?


    toni xx