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Hi Guys,
Just came across this site and just joined the forum :)

My name is Catherine and I am 24. I was diagnosed with JIRA (jevenile idiopathic rheumatoid arthritis) when i was 15 . Its been a tough 9 years i have to say but i managed to get my GCSEs, A levels and degree :)
I am currently on Leflunomide, Enbrel, Steroids, Diclofenac and tramadol for my treatment.
I have had 2 hip replacements. My most recent was 12 months ago, and the other was in 2007 and needless to say I am tonnes bettter now :)

I do feel somedays like i am the only young adult who has this condition. But i know there are people out there my age who suffer like me. I met one of thos girls on Facebook believe it or not and she lives 10 mins away from me :) we are he best of freinds now :) yes your friends are good to talk to but they dont understand 100 % the fatigue, the pain, the frustration of it all, so having someone with the same condition really helps, which is what i'm hoping to get out of joining this site :)
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    Good afternoon, cathhankin, and welcome to the forums. You poor girl, you have had a deal to contend with, yes? I hope you find the forums interesting and supportive, there are a few young 'uns like yourself about, and yes, we all know what it is like and how difficult life can be at times. LWA is the place to vent about the meds, treatments, docs, side effects, families etc. I am considerably older than you, and somewhat jaded with the whole damn business, but the forum is a lifeline for me - I hadn't realised just how many people are affected by this rubbish, and compared to some I get off very lightly indeed. Getting the perspective right on one's problem dunarf make a difference! I wish you well. DD
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    Hi , Catherine , welcome to our forum , you will find lots of interesting people on here who all understand and can lend an ear if you feel like a good moan or will giggle with you if you're having a better day ! Jilly
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    Welcome from me too Catherine, sounds like you've had it rough hun..
    Hope things are ok, happy new year..

    Be well

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