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I have been job hunting (contract is up in a couple of months, thinking ahead) and in the world I work in there are some jobs which automatically give people who have a disability an automatic interview if they meet the minimum requirements (I will call the company of course, but if I can get a head start with info, that would be great).

So, as I now have a constant battle with RA, I was wondering how one looks in to getting something which says on a bit of paper that I do have what I say I do or what official channels one has to go through... any pointers on where to start would be great (I'm going to start here and then give the AC helpline a call next week ;-) ). I do sometimes feel a bit of a fraud saying that I have a disability, but we all know that one doesn't have to show it on the outside to have one and I've come to the reluctant acceptance that I'm not going to get to work full time again for a long while...

Thanking you! xx


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    Hi alarkra
    Sorry I cant help has I am retired, I do get DLA, so I suppose this say that I am disabled, its a strange word, like you say you dont feel disabled but yet you know you cant do the things you used to.
    I hope you get the answers you want.
    Good Luck with everything
    Barbara x