thank you and new starts??

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Thank you everyone who has been writing on Cris's 'outpatients' link, about the lost of my 14yr old dog. It was a hard choice to make but the right one for him :( Even the vet said that he had given up and was looking so tired :( But both myself and my daughter have taken comfort in that we say he is now with our other dog who was 17yrs old :!: they are so much a part of the family that I dont know if I can go through it again with another dog :?: We do have a 4yr old springer spaniel but do we get him a compainion :?:

I have other choices to make as well :!: I have informed the school that I wont be back there next week - I think what really done it for me was when my new manager informed the students that ' there was no one professional enough in the school to teach childcare for 6th formers' :!: :!: The fact that I have been teaching in the school for 4yrs now and for 3 of those years I taught childcare in the 6th form ~ but I couldnt have been professional enough :oops: :oops: . So i have made that choice :!: :!: And i feel it is the right choice :!:

The other choice is do I continue at uni :?: I started it because the school informed me that i needed a degree to stay there ~ so now I am not staying ~ do I need to stay at uni :?: I am finding it really hard to 'get into' it anymore and dont enjoy it anymore :cry: I dont 'need' the qualification as I am already an adult teacher, so do I need to do it :?: :?:
My head is telling me to change the things in my life that I dont enjoy as fighting my illness is the major battle i have to face and that is enough for the moment :?: :?:

what a way to start the new year ~ but if changes are going to be made now i am in the mood for them :!: :!: Or do I wait for a while and see what happens :?: Advice greatly received :!: :!:

Louise xx

hugs and love to everyone and I hope you all start the new year in a postive way :!: :!:


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    Hi Loiuse, Im so sorry about the loss of your dog, a very sad time for you all :( My old boy is 12 in march & his back right hip isnt too good :(
    I hope you find the answers your looking for & you make the right choices with work & uni.
    My way of thinking is if your not enjoying it why bother, lifes to short to be unhappy.
    Happy new year to you & i hope things turn out the way you would like them too.
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    Hi Louise,

    I was so sorry to read of your doggie loss. I have been there and it took me 8yrs before i could get another 1. I am so glad i did the time was obviously right, we rescued our Bruno and his life is now so wonderful, he too gives me such comfort i dont know where i would be without him. You do have a springer to consider, would he/she take to another dog etc?
    As for your career, well i have been in school too and when its time to leave , it is time to leave! Dont forget there are many more that would value your contribution. Do you want to continue to teach? That is the first Q to answer.
    If you are part way through your degree and enjoying it (not the course your doing), could you change course to something to suit you? Its a shame to loose out on all your hard work and credits, if you wanted to do a degree in a couple yrs it is going to be very expensive! Perhaps while you are studying it will take your mind off the pain and illness, i was thinking of doing some sort of study to see if takes me mind of all this cr@p .

    Hope you get through this and make all the decisions that are right for you!

    Do you want to teach?
    will the degree or any degree help me ?
    do i enjoy the study?
    finances? wages fees etc
    cant think of anything else but i am sure you will get lots more help. Good luck in what ever you choose and BE HAPPY! that is the most important,

    Rose x
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    Hi Louise

    Yes I saw about your sad news of your lovey dog on the other thread and know it must have been a hard decision which will take some time to sink in. :cry:

    Oh my goodness love, there are alot of exclaimation marks in this thread and lots for you to consider. Hey I am hanging on to your statement that if "changes need to be made I am in the mood to make them". :grin: I hope it helped to get it all down. Not sure how much longer at Uni you would need to do, but if it isn't too long I would personally be tempted to try and stick it out if your health alllows just as a confidence booster for YOU, especially after the manager at school behaved so badly towards you. But if the thought of leaving brings only relief well enough said.
    Whatever you decide you have made two difficult and big decisions recently, both of which and one very sadly felt right, so well done you for tackling them head on. I am afraid I have been in the waiting to see what happens camp for far too long and am inspired by your thread to consider some options and changes myself so I thank you for that. A New Year does give us a bit of kick to make a fresh start so do hope you can do what is right for you.
    Take care, and I send some courage to stay strong (((( ))))
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    Hi Louise, sorry about the dog, pets do become part of the family, we have two cats that were both strays, they're now fourteen and a half years old, and we treat them like royalty, lol.
    We have both agreed that whenever anything happens to them that we will not be getting any more pets... I have my arthur going on and OH has a heart condition so it will not be fair to get any more.

    As for what to do, if you're not happy or enjoying Uni, then change things if it's feasable..

    Best wishes whatever you do...

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    hi Louise i think i would continue with uni if its possible as it might be of use at a later date , you might find it easier if you dont have school to worry about , so sorry about your dog its always a hard desision as for getting a companion , we did for my old boy who was 15 at the time his pal died very suddenly , infront of us all , dogs do grieve and get depressed , so along came a new pup and its changed his life , and ours . but you know your dog he might be happy being the only one , good luck in your choices x
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx
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    Hi louise
    I was sorry to hear about your dog too, after havng him so long it must have been a heart wrenching decision.
    As for your other issues al I can do is say think carefully about the decisions you make, weigh up the pro's and cons.
    I am sure you will do what you think is best so I just want to wish you good luck.
    Take care
    love juliepf x
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    Life is far too short to waste it on doing things that have lost their gloss, especially if they are leading us nowhere. Our lives are also far too difficult to expend our limited energy on things that we don't enjoy. Drop uni, explore the possibility of volunteering your teaching services to local schools, colleges, social organisations etc if you still want to do that type of work, enjoy time with your grandaughter and generally get some fun back into your life. DD
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    how much longer to go at uni?? will you need the qualification at a later date? can you take a gap year? when the going gets hard the tough get going just make sure you are doing what it is you truly want to not just reacting to a situation stop step back and think it through good luck what ever you decide val
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    Hi Louise

    I can see that you've been given lots of good advice already, so all I would say is that life is too short to be doing something that you are not enjoying (and from the sound of things, you don't need the extra qualification anyway).

    Good for you for making the decision not to go back to the school.. the head doesn't deserve good staff.. your skills will be appreciated elsewhere, I'm sure..

    Take care

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    Hi Louise,

    Oh she is some nice lady eh?! Try not to take it to heart too much. I a sure you were good and it was just her having an off day etc...... she is another word and out of order.

    Flower only you know the answer to Uni really I guess? How much longer have you got to go on it? If it is only a short time then maybe its better to see it through? If its a long time that's kinda different.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to go through another loss again. I sort of got a lot of aged and old employers now and it doesn't get easier does it?

    Mine have always dictated the need for their own type of company. Saying that there is often a lie between me an the rescued ones as some of them I don't much like or wish to live with.......Some that's not the way it works and the iller or more dependant the more fond I seem to get of them.

    Except a collie....... :roll: He is a really hard dog to live with...... some animals are so damaged its hard to get too close for either them or me. Not so the specials though.....

    Your springer will, I think, dictate if you have another or not. Some dogs need company of their own kind and some don't. See how it goes flower before shutting all the doors tight.

    leaving you a ((((( ))))) and with luck it will all start to sort out and make for a much better year soon. Love and another ((((( ))))) Cris xxx
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    So sorry to hear about your dog. :cry: You are grieving, so don't make any decisions you might regret later. The head is an idiot don't let what he said affect you you have a lot to give. continue with uni You show him and idiots like him what you can do.
    Give it time this time is not the right time to make a decision. stay plan what you are going to do next. You could move schools when uni is finished. Mind you at end of day its your decision for now think of happy times you had with your dog. I'm so sorry to hear you are not happy at moment hugs and thoughts your way. Be easy on your self. hugs Joanne
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    Hi Lousie.
    sorry about your dog.i still miss mine and she's been gone 2 years now and we have other dogs.
    you will make the right choice of what to do when the times right.
    take care. joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Thank you for your kind replies and sound advice.

    I have done my 1st year on a Fd, so I only have this year left to do. I know that I would never cope with the 3rd year which would give me a Degree, but I am ok with that.

    Because of the atitude of the new manager, then there is no future for me in that school, and now if I want to work in any other secondary school, I would need a full degree.

    I am going to talk to my tutor and see what they say - but am really not looking forward to going back :cry:

    It is always good though, to get things written down and for various people to give advice, which can help answer my questions :!:

    Thank you again - hugs to all of you - and I will let you know what happens :!:

    Louise xx