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Hi my name is Trevor and I have Psoriatic Arthritis. Had it for more years than i can remember to be honest and all the normal type treatments up to now. PA been fairly inactive until back end of the summer when had flare up from hell so now being moved to the biological drugs....
Am married with 2 kids. My wife is a pillar of support which keeps me going on a very even keel.
Hold down full time active job as a manager in field engineering and fully intend to continue this.
Been quite a journey but I try very hard not to let the condition hold me back within my physical limitations.


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    Morning Trevor and welcome to the forums. I too have PA (mostly the A bit, very little of the P) and I am currently in full-blown grump mode about the whole damn business. I have tried 3 biologics - I am currently on humira, meth, sulpha and oral steroids. Pain relief involves co-codamol and tramadol (of varying strengths and types). I too am very happily married to a wonderful bloke who is also very supportive: you and I are fortunate in that, yes? It makes such a difference. I have found the forum a wonderful place for support, information and advice. People on here really do understand what it is like and how awful/difficult/tiring life can be at times. I hope you are dong OK today. DD
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    Hi Trevor your doing well holding down the job, i have PA and RA nice to see you found the site look forward to seeing you on the other forums
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    Belatedly, welcome from me too Trevor.

    Love Tilly xxx