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my son is 9 years old,we found that he is a JRA patient from 3 moths ago when he had swollen knee joints, the doctor gave him at the begining proxen 250mg twice a day for two monthes , it worked with him very well but he was unhappy using it as it effects his general day life sleeping more time feeling general weakness and daisy as well, doctor changed the medicine after that to jenufine 10 ml twice aday and he is using it for month now but the pain started again is this normal doc dvice to increase the dose as giving him 10ml three times a day, and now my son feels general weakness and like to sleep alot beside I need please to know if there are some food recomended and other avoided and what are they inorder to reduce the pain.. thanks alot


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    As an arthritis-affected adult I can vouch for the fact that tiredness plays a huge part in this malarkey. The disease itself is a source of tiredness, and the meds can exacerbate this. Individual reposnse to food can vary: I have a history of eczema but have found that my diet does not affect my arthritis in any way. I know the helpline will answer, but you could also post again on the Young Persons forum: that is where other parents tend to go, and I am sure you will also receive some answers from them. You and your lad are not alone in facing this dreadful situation, I wish you both well. DD
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    Hello JRA2010

    Unfortunately there are no simple answers when it come to food and inflammatory arthritis. What we advocate is a good well balanced diet. Something that scientists have discovered is that oily fish or a supplement of omega 3 fish oil can have an effect on inflammation. I'm sure this is a worrying time for you all and if we can help further please feel free to give Helplines a call. If you would like us to send you an information pack on Juvenile Arthritis Private message us you full name and postal address, also your Forum user name so that we know who you are and what information to send you.

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