advise needed please

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hi guy's,
i am having alot of problems with jordan taking his meds or rather refusing to take them because of the side effects ie sickness, tiredness, headaches ect. I am waiting for the rhummy nurse to get back in touch but because of the bank holiday it will be tomorrow at least before they get in touch with me so i was wondering if there is any point asking them about giving him meth by injection as one of his complaints are is that it is to many pills to take and now he is being sick before even swollowing the last of them . I feel that i am bullying him and he is so unhappy he is in alot of pain and feels that there is no point taking the pills, he is normally a happy go lucky 12yr old and takes most things in his stride but now i don't know what to do so any advise i would be gratefull for as i just don't know what to say to the nurse when she phones , thanks in advance xx jenny