so new ,confused (taking med.& having usual activities)

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Hi, my son 9 years old (found from 3 months that he is JRA patient ) , so he was taking proxen 250mg twice a day but it made him sleeping extra hours than his usual , according to blood test EO increased by taking this med., does anyone know about this or about the sideeffects of proxen , one more please he had to paly karate since he was 4 years old, can he contionue? or it will be so hard for him . thank you so much for support.


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    Morning jra2010, I hope your lad has had a god night's sleep. I was on naproxen (is that the drug you mean?) and found that all it did was give me oral thrush: it did nothing for the inflammation or the pain of my PA. My energy levels are very low but I think that is a result of the arthritis and the heavy-duty meds I am on. I am 51 tho, not 9. He must be very frustrated at being in pain and not able to do what he wants. I think you have to let him rest as much as he wants: arthritis does make one tired, very tired, but it doesn't necessarily mean that one can sleep. I hope other parents spot your post and can help. I wish you both well. DD
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    My daughter is 5 and had JIA since 3 possibly even 2, but has never been put on naproxen, think our consultant was reluctant to give it. She is now on Methotrexate and Enbrel, including ibuprofen and a whole host of side effect drugs. She is very tired and I can almost guarantee that even on a quiet day she is out cold fast asleep by 7pm and can easily sleep till gone 8 sometimes longer.

    She has days where she can last and be happy, energetic etc and I just let her do things within reasonable limit, I try and pace her but it's soo hard knowing how far to let her do things verses the pain that will come later for doing it.

    I know our consultant wants my daughter to keep trying at things but no high impact sport. She loves swimming thankfully and this is a great thing for people with arthritis to do as it takes the weight off the joints and allows you to ove them easier won't say necessarily pain free.

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    Thank you all for replaying I knew now that the weakness he feels from time to time is normal with the med. he is taking even the med has it’s own side effects beside the JRA pain itself ,in our area they don’t give Methotrexate or any other we have only one specialist in the city that’s why I feel so confused , I will try to let him start swimming this also as you said could help.
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    Hi, I'm a mum too. Matthew was 18months when he was diagnosed. Please check out my Facebook forum. We really do keep in touch on here and I'm sure you'll find much of what you experience as a family is in common with many of our stories. Bets wishes. Lindsey X!/group.php?gid=12131682883