knee replacement

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had knee replaced july 2010, left with numbness on left side this is now spreading to whole knee and down left side of calf, as anyone else experienced this. Due to see specalist later this month.


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    Hi alfielexie, that sounds awfully tough. I think if you post again on the LWA forum (living with arthritis) you stand a better chance of a wider audience: not many look in on the helpline forum, tho I know they will give you an answer. I am so sorry that it hasn't yet worked out for you - I know there are one or two other knee bods for whom replacement hasn't been that straightforward. Are you seeing your orthpaedic chappie or another specialist? Keep a record of anything you want to ask re pain, numbness, etc - conversations never go the way one expects! I have had two open synovectomies on my left knee and that has been left numb - I guess the nerves haven't grown back, or whatever they do. I wish you well. DD (forum member).
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    Hi Alfielexie

    As DD said you will definitely get more responses from people who have been through similar but it is really important that you talk it through with your surgeon in case there is something else going on that needs further investigation. If it gets worse before your appointment give them a ring in case there is a cancellation to bring your appointment forward.

    Best wishes for 2011

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    Hi alfielexie

    I had my firt TKR in January 2008 and my other knee done in January 2010 so quite a bit ahead of you with recovery of my last operation. Well I have forgotten about the op now but it took 9 months each time, before that happened. I did have numbness for a time around the knee but that disappeared. If the numbness is spreading I would try to get an earlier appointment with your specialist if at all possible, even though you are seeing him this month. Perhaps you could phone his secretary to have a chat with her about it. I take it this is your 6 month post op check up.

    Quite a few of us have had knee replacements, as DD says, it may be worth you posting a thread on the Living with Arthritis zone as more members look in there than on this zone.

    Look after yourself,

    Elna x
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