any tips for stress and pain management for p.a?

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im new here and ive only recently been diagnosed----> im going thru a really terrible flare up and im on the max dose of ttramadol daily (i have tried reducing but the pain increseases severly) and im on mthx for the last 2 weeks---the side effects are awful--i am in my 2nd year of uni and my exams are coming up and i cant revise---i can barely string a sentance togrther on the meds never mind sit exams im so worried this is going to make me fail and drop out and its my last chance as im 26 now... its affecting my relationship as i had to move in with my bf but he lives with noisy students but i **** even wash myself----i can notice my moods changing and im so depressed im nowehre near the person i used to long does it last? i cant sleep----its all poo at the minute!


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    You poor, poor thing, it will all ease in time, but as to how long that will take . . . . . Rest as much as you can, can you get an extension on your course work etc on health grounds? I am sorry the meth isn't agreeing with you: I haven't had any problems with it but then it's done nothing for my PA, ever. Your body may well adjust, just two weeks taking it isn't that long - what dose are you on and is it tablets? It usually is to begin with. What sort of side effects? It can make some very tired, others nauseous, it gives others headaches, everyone is different in how they react. Hang on in there with it, there is every chance it will help, it just needs time. Rest, rest and rest some more. Your pain tolerance will grow too: I started off with one affected joint, nearly 14 years ago, I would love to go back to those days! I wish you well, keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on. DD
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    Hi Laney84

    The Moderating Team noticed when you posted earlier today, that you are feeling low and quite understandably too.

    If you are in need of advice, information or support then please consider contacting:

    The Arthritis Care Helplines:
    By phone: 0808 800 4050 (10am-4pm weekdays)
    By email: [email protected]
    By letter: Helplines team, Arthritis Care, 18 Stephenson Way, London
    NW1 2HD
    (NB the Arthritis Care helpline is open from 10am to 4pm weekdays only)

    Many people on the forum have been helped greatly by getting in touch with the AC Helpline.

    Moderator EH