New Gadgets .. New year!

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Well i hope everyone had a nice xmas and a good new year!

I decided to take RA by the horns this year. I needed to stop allowing my pride get in my way. So my new bf (he's amazing) got me some new gadges .. 1 touch jar opener and this thing that allows you to open drink can and a bottle opener for my handbag (you know when ur in supermarket n fancy a drink after but you crnt open the bottle so you dont bother buying?)

They arrived late last week and made me cry! Because for the first time in 2 and half years i opened a bottle had a can of coke that i opened and opened a jar all in a day! It made me feel so happy, my new bf was smiling like hed just won the loto too, bless him!

This has consquently ment that ive started eating more .. i ate xmas lunch at a table with people .. i wouldnt have done that 6 months ago!

I guess its because my bf listens to my concerns and takes them away .. like people might luk at me when im eating so no1 sits opposit me! Or i worry about using my light cutlery .. he just puts it out as if its normal! I finally feel like im getting my indpendance back .. eating more = more stength

So 2011 means ra for me is not going to control me like it did in 2010 :grin:

Take care e1 x


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    Hi madness
    Congratulations on this positive approach to arthur in the new year.
    I know what you mean about loads of gadgets I have accumulated loads over the years.
    I also went out for a meal with friends and OH's after christmas and was nervous about eating infront of them, we also was invited to my daughters future inlaws on christmas day which was a big thing for me. But me and my OH just got on with things, he served up the food from the middle of the table and cut up my meal and i don't think anyone noticed as we were all chatting as food was passed around.
    (i am not particulary old at 47 and had it 22 years)
    The wedding day is a bit nerve racking as i will be sat beside my future son in law and his dad, I have asked my son in law to be to do the honnors of cutting my food. (just hope i don't spill) :oops: :lol:

    Take care
    juliepf x
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    I think anything that help you keep your independance is a great thing... Sounds like so many of us, you've got a very good and inderstanding OH..
    All the best for the New Yr Madness..

    And Julie.. When is the big day, may I ask..?
    Hope we're all invited, we'll sit at the back and make no noise, honestly :shock: :? :lol:
    n035.gifRa-1996 -2013 RIP...
    Cleo - 1996 to 2011. RIP
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    Glad to hear of your positive outlook , it makes all the difference when that special person in your life sees you as you and not as an illness . I enjoy eating out with the family and they all accept that I often need help ; our rule is that whoever is seated next to the wheelchair one , will be called on to lend a hand with cutting food etc . Jilly
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    Oh Madness

    this is lovely :))

    I love your new man - he is definitely the one for you x:D Bless him x:D

    Happy Happy New Year to you :))


    toni xx
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    Well done and well doine your BF for his care and understanding
    Sounds like love to me.
    Take care
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    Hi Madness

    I'm so glad that your life is much better for you now, put 2010 behind you and sounds as though you are going to have a great 2011!

    Gadgets are great aren't they? I have a brevil 1 cup machine that takes out the stress of the kettle problem ie lifting it. It is bloomin brilliant, makes life a little easier

    Janie xx
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    All sounds good, gadgets are so helpful, do they make a one press beer can opener....... although it could stop my weekly exercise? :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    or a one press .....

    Sorry, sorry, I can feel a moment of silliness coming on!

    x8) Its a grin, honest!
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    HI El
    amazing how much difference a few gadgets make - enjoy.

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    Hi Madness, Well done for your positive approach to RA
    It will make all the difference...these gadgets.
    I'm still looking for something to help be clean {not just dust} low eg skirting boards or bottoms of fridges/washing machines etc...all the things you have to bend to do.
    Good Luck and enjoy the gadgets